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ZER, a Spain-based design studio, has unveiled its latest collection, CONNECT3D, on the runway at Madrid Fashion Week. The innovative collection, which was the winner of the Samsung Ego Innovation Project, features a number of 3D printed garments and seamlessly combines fashion and technology.

ZER was founded in 2017 by 23-year-olds Ane Castro Sudupe and Núria Costa Ginjaume. The pair were inspired to create the CONNECT3D collection after having worked with additive manufacturing technology and 3D printed textiles on an exchange in the Netherlands last year.

Having been recognized with the Samsung EGO Innovation Project award and a 10,000 euro prize some months ago, the young designers were able to bring their CONNECT3D vision to life—and to the runway.

The CONNECT3D collection consists of 10 different looks, each one featuring a garment made with the help of 3D printing or another digital fabrication technique. ZER also took advantage of 3D scanning technology to custom-fit the garments. The result is a monochromatic fashion series with fascinating structures, textures, and details.

One of our favorite pieces has to be the oversized white jacket with eerie 3D printed faces protruding from it.

Interestingly, and presumably as part of its Samsung prize, ZER has also incorporated Samsung devices into many of the runway looks, showcasing how clothing can (and probably will) begin to adapt to our everyday technologies, rather than technologies adapting to fashion styles.

With its collection, ZER is also highlighting the production benefits of 3D printed garments; demonstrating that additive manufacturing is creating new possibilities in terms of sustainable manufacturing and personalized design.

As Núria Costa Ginjaume explained in an interview with El Mundo, “We propose a type of design in which the bodies of people can be scanned, and clothes can be designed from them and printed directly.”

“We believe that this is the future because it is a very personalized fashion, tailored to each client,” she continued. “Little by little the fast fashion will be left aside and more weight will be given to personalization, because there are a thousand bodies and a thousand different people and this is a way of working with the client very directly.”

The collection was unveiled on January 29, when it kicked off the day at Madrid Fashion Week. Not only did models grace the runway, however, but 3D printers were set up on the stage to demonstrate the machines that were not only behind the collection, but could also be the future of fashion.

Though the CONNECT3D fashion show was an undeniable success, ZER says it is still just getting started with its technology-inspired fashion designs. Over the next year, the designers behind the label plan to develop the brand more and explore new technological opportunities for clothing design.

Notably, the designers want to dedicate part of their time to evolving the commercial aspect of their brand while also maintaining a focus on experimentation. “In the end, it is that part which we enjoy more,” said Costa Ginjaume. “Because we can have fun playing with the forms and the textiles.”



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