Feb 7, 2018 | By Benedict

MannaRobotics, a partner of cannabis company Manna Molecular, has built a 3D printer for printing cannabis extracts. The MannaBot One (MB1) delivers a programmed amount of cannabis extract onto a transdermal patch, which can be stuck onto the skin for a controlled dosage over time.

The world of marijuana is currently in transition. Once considered a serious crime all across the United States, the production and consumption of the natural drug is gradually being legalized—for both medicinal and recreational use. That transition has paved the way for lots of exciting legal cannabis technology, and the MannaBot One might be the coolest bit of weed tech we’ve ever seen.

The MB1 is a 3D printer that prints transdermal patches—like the kind you use to give up smoking—with a precise amount of cannabis extract. These 3D printed patches (they're only just about 3D, mind you) can be stuck onto a veiny area of skin like your ankle, and will then deliver a steady and controlled dosage of the cannabis extract into your bloodstream. The drug is released over time, and is therefore safer than many other forms of cannabis consumption.

The cannabis 3D printer consists of a 3D printer body, an extruder head, and a controller box, and can be used for on-demand batch production in pharmacies, factories, and elsewhere. The 3D printed patches can absorb the entire family of cannabinoids: THC is generally the most useful, but CBD, CBD/THC, and CBN can also be used.

Crucially, the MB1 3D printer can change the strength of its 3D printed patches from batch to batch. Patches currently on the market range from 10-35 mg, and customers can request a strength relevant to their needs.

The MannaBot One is built by MannaRobotics, a partner of marijuana company Manna Molecular, and is the brainchild of two MIT engineers and Dr. Michael Frid. Manna Molecular’s transdermal patches are available in several states.



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Julia wrote at 2/8/2018 4:21:12 PM:

Very cool!

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