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3D printing materials company Polymaker has announced a new partnership with Chinese 3D printer manufacturer INTAMSYS. The strategic alliance, which marks the first agreement under Polymaker’s Printer Manufacturers Partnership Program (PMPP), will aim to improve the integration of 3D printers and materials for a superior 3D printing experience and higher-quality prints.

Through the collaboration, the companies hope to take FDM/FFF to the manufacturing mainstream by optimizing the integration of industrial 3D printers and high-performance filaments. (INTAMSYS, as you may already know, is primarily known for its PEEK-processing 3D printers, such as the FUNMAT HT 3D printer.)

How exactly are the companies working together to improve the integration of materials and machines? Well, from the outset, INTAMSYS will be launching four Polymaker Industrial materials for its 3D printers.

Engineers from both companies will also be working together to develop more material profiles for INTAMSYS’ 3D printer models, as well as technical data sheets and documents and industry-specific solutions. All these elements will help users to not only 3D print using high performance filaments, such as polycarbonate, Nylon, and PEEK, but also to find the optimal print settings and parameters for a given project.

“As a materials supplier, we can only provide part of the solution,” said Dr. Xiaofan Luo, CEO of Polymaker. “By integrating printer and materials we can provide more accurate data and full solutions to industrial customers.”

Charles Han, the CEO of INTAMSYS, added: “The close partnership between INTAMSYS and Polymaker is highly synergistic as it combines the expertise and capabilities of both companies to swiftly develop customized solutions to our customers.”

Polymaker's polycarbonate filament

Polymaker’s PMPP initiative on the whole is aimed at improving the harmony between 3D printer hardware and materials. In short, the program was set up to promote partnerships with Polymaker for the development of new and optimized 3D printing materials for a given company’s 3D printers. (It should be noted that all these custom materials undergo a rigorous testing phase, which enables Polymaker to gather data for printing profiles, material properties, and more.)

Moreover, the agreement between INTAMSYS and Polymaker will give the former access to the whole Polymaker Industrial portfolio, which includes more than 20 types of engineering-grade polymer filaments and support materials.

Both Polymaker and INTAMSYS have recently upgraded or increased their development and manufacturing facilities. Polymaker, for its part, has moved to a new production location reportedly twice as large as its previous factory, while INTAMSYS recently launched a new manufacturing site. The expansions will allow the companies to up their respective productions and continue developing new 3D printing products and materials.



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