Feb 12, 2018 | By Tess

S-Squared 3D printers, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Long Island, New York, says it has developed a new additive manufacturing system capable of printing concrete homes and buildings. The mobile 3D printing system can reportedly 3D print a house in roughly 72 hours.

Team behind S-Squared's concrete 3D printing technology

(Image: Adv / Allegrezza)

Through its newly established S-Square 4D Commercial division, the company is hoping to bring 3D printed construction to Long Island and to promote efficient and sustainable manufacturing techniques.

Notably, the construction 3D printer, which is unofficially named “atlas,” was built with both eco-friendliness and quality in mind. This means the 3D printer is equipped to build homes quickly and on site (reducing transportation emissions and overall construction pollution), but also to build homes with solid structural integrity. According to the company, a concrete structure built using its machine should last over 100 years.

So far, we don’t know that much about the technology behind the concrete 3D printer, but it is apparently capable of depositing concrete with almost no air bubbles, which improves the strength and durability of the final structure.

Further, S-Squared claims that its robotic 3D printing system can offer up to 70 per cent cost savings compared to traditional construction processes (presumably because of faster construction time, fewer labor costs, and on-site production). These cost reductions in the building process will ultimately lead to lower home prices.

For instance, the company says that a three-bedroom, one-bath home could have a sale price as low as $99,000. “We are currently looking for a town or village that will partner up with us to create opportunities,” said the company in a press release.

Currently, the company is awaiting a utility patent, but once it has received it (within the next few weeks, it thinks), it will start working with local communities to begin 3D printing houses. “Our hope is to be a part of a growing movement to create jobs to keep young adults from leaving Long Island,” the company says.

S-Squared is also in the process of making plans to build a 25,000-square-foot facility using the concrete 3D printer. When complete, the facility is expected to house up to 50 full-time jobs in engineering, software management, graphic design, and other areas.

We’re eager to hear more about the technology and to see what it is capable of.



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