Feb 16, 2018 | By Benedict

Markforged has released a white paper detailing how businesses can incorporate 3D printing into the production line. The guide discusses cost drivers, factory applications, materials, and more, and recommends additive manufacturing as a repair and maintenance tool.

Manufacturers are constantly being told that 3D printing or additive manufacturing could increase productivity, speed up time-to-market, and enable the creation of completely new products. But where to start? The technology is relatively new, and the number of 3D printing experts in the business remains limited.

To help manufacturers understand how 3D printing can be brought to the production line, 3D printer company Markforged, creator of the Mark One and Mark Two carbon fiber 3D printers, as well as other machines like the Metal X, has published a white paper titled “Guide to 3D Printing on the Production Line.”

The paper explains how additive manufacturing systems like the Markforged’s own Industrial Series 3D printers can be used, not to replace high-volume manufacturing processes like molding and casting, but for other specific uses like repair and maintenance.

“Instead of using [3D printing] to replace existing processes for end-use production, manufacturers can leverage high-strength additive manufacturing (AM) to complement existing technologies in their maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) efforts, dramatically reducing the cost of factory tooling,” Markforged explains in the guide.

It then breaks things down into three “identification paths” that businesses can use to discover how 3D printing can help them. These are pain points & cost drivers, factory applications, and materials in MRO equipment.

“Modern manufacturing requires new tools and new perspectives to maintain a competitive edge,” Markforged says. “Additive manufacturing can dramatically lower the cost of tooling and parts used in maintenance, repair, and operations.”

The white paper can be downloaded here, while businesses can also use Markforged’s return on investment calculator to see how 3D printing can save them money.



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