Feb 19, 2018 | By Tess

Epic Dungeon Tiles, a company that creates 3D printable tabletop sets for RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its latest RPG tile collection: Epic Sci-Fi Tiles. With 12 days left to go of the crowdfunding campaign, Epic Dungeon Tiles’s Rob Mehew has already raised over double the $700 goal.

“The main concept of Epic Sci-Fi Tiles is to keep it easy to create epic adventure areas whilst maintaining the look and feel of Sci-Fi,” reads the Kickstarter campaign. The tile set, which includes tiles, doors, windows, traps, walls, and accessories, captures a classic Sci-Fi aesthetic with its knobs, buttons, grates, and pipe-inspired details. 

“All of the floor and wall tiles have connecting pipework that flows throughout them. These are modular so you can spin them around put any tile next to another one and still get that awesome looking pattern below.

“This time around we have included RPG style low walls as well as the tiles, these fit in perfectly with creating that feel of a spaceship that has landed on a desert or a remote outpost on some alien world.”

If you’re not familiar with Epic Dungeon Tiles’ work, the concept behind the company is simple: it designs 3D printed RPG tiles and tabletop settings which users can 3D print and paint themselves. In other words, you pay for the digital STL files and then make the RPG set yourself.

This, of course, means that the price point for the digital files is pretty reasonable. Through the Kickstarter campaign backers can choose from a number of rewards, including the basic tile 3D models for just over $5.50, the trap models for a pledge of $14, or the full Epic Sci-Fi Tiles base set for $36.50.

Excitingly, because the Kickstarter has already surpassed two of its stretch goals, Epic Dungeon Tiles has added a crashed spaceship accessory series as well as a future-retro cantina pack which includes a vending machine, bar and stools, and even a jukebox.

As with all Epic Dungeon Tiles’ 3D models, the Sci-Fi tiles are OpenLOCK compatible, which means they can be used with a range of other OpenLOCK RPG projects.



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