Feb 19, 2018 | By Benedict

Singapore-based dental 3D printing company Structo has unveiled the Structo Velox, a dental 3D printer with integrated autonomous post-processing. The printer has three stages: print, wash, and cure, and shortens the time it takes to print models, denture bases, and other dental items.

When a company claims its latest product will “forever change the landscape of dental 3D printing,” your first reaction might be, well, that is not a landscape I care much to survey. The new Velox 3D printer from dental 3D printing specialist Structo promises to change that very landscape, but the technology on offer in the new machine is highly interesting even for non-dentists.

That’s because the new printer claims to be the “world’s first desktop 3D printer with integrated autonomous post-processing,” a remarkable feature for dental and non-dental 3D printed products alike.

As far as we can tell, the claim may well be true: other machines like the Rize One 3D printer and DWS's XCELL 6000 have offered integrated post-processing capabilities, but with a large footprint unsuitable for desktop use, while offerings from PostProcess Technologies have sought to automate the post-processing stage, but separately from the printing stage.

Structo’s patented all-in-one system consists of three individual stages—print, wash, and cure—which take place in succession around a rotating platter, while the printer also offers a pre-processing cloud service called AutoPrint that automatically handles nesting, supporting, and slicing when a user uploads an STL file. In other words, a huge amount of the 3D printing workflow has been fully automated in the 3D printing system.

Impressive tech for any additive manufacturing system then, but especially useful for the dental industry, which could stand to benefit from the Velox 3D printer’s ability to turn 3D models of designed appliances to fully finished 3D printed parts “at the push of a button.”

The Velox 3D printer employs a single-use, cartridge-based system that purportedly allows for easy material management and storage. The company promises a wide range of compatible materials, letting professionals 3D print models for nearly all dental applications, from orthodontics to prosthetics, and from temporary restorations to fully guided implant cases. Printable parts include models and surgical guides, denture bases, temporaries, and more.

“This revolutionary new 3D printer will allow dental professionals to seamlessly go from intra oral scan to final printed part, making this a true industry game changer,” said Dhruv Sahgal, Head of Business Development at Structo.

Glidewell Dental, a provider of custom restorative services, materials, and devices, has already integrated the Structo Velox desktop 3D printer into its glidewell.io In-Office Solution.

Last week, Silicon Valley company Carbon, formerly Carbon 3D, released a pair of dental 3D printing materials.



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