Feb 20, 2018 | By Benedict

Dutch 3D printing software company Beamler has acquired Printr, another software company that has created an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system for desktop 3D printers. Printr had previously ceased operations in October 2017.

The Netherlands is home to some of Europe’s most exciting 3D printing activity. 3D printing service and marketplace Shapeways was born there, as was popular desktop 3D printer company Ultimaker, creator of the Ultimaker 3 3D printer. Material companies like Innofil3D keep the region’s printers loaded with filament.

Two Dutch 3D printing software companies have now combined, with Amsterdam-based Beamler acquiring Printr, a company that only a few months ago seemed to be heading for the exit door. Printr had raised 750,000 euros from investors, but stopped operation on 18 October, 2017 due to “unexpected developments” in the 3D printing industry.

Despite this hitch, Beamler sees Printr as invaluable to its future plans. “Printr is a promising company which is pioneering in our market,” said Willem-Jan van Loon, Founder of Beamler. “Printr offers an ERP cloud system for desktop 3D printers. This allows engineers to access different 3D printers at the same time from any computer through the cloud. We see this technology as very promising and as a key solution for further development of our industry.”

Various functions of Printr’s ERP system will be incorporated into the Beamler 3D printing platform for software version 1.1, due to be released in the second quarter of 2018.

“The merger of our two businesses is great news for all our stakeholders and it accelerates the market,” added Van Loon. “We intend to continue to invest and grow Printr technology.”

Founded in 2016, Beamler works with large companies by providing engineers and product designers with access to 3D printing data, connecting them to a global industrial 3D printing network. The slightly older Printr, founded in 2014, created The Element, an external box that can be connected to a 3D printer and which contains software for printing.



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