Feb 21, 2018 | By Tess

Brooklyn-based Voodoo Manufacturing is expanding its 3D printing service. Quite literally, in fact, as it is now offering large-format 3D printing to its clients. The company says the new service will enable customers to 3D print objects nearly eight times the size as was previously possible.

In terms of hardware, Voodoo Manufacturing has acquired ten N2 Plus 3D printers from Raise3D. This 3D printer, which uses FDM technology, has a large build volume of 305 x 305 x 610 mm and is compatible with a range of polymer materials (including ABS, PC ABS, PETG, ABS 350, HIPS, and more).

Compared to its previous largest build size of 285 x 153 x 155 mm, Voodoo Manufacturing has significantly increased the scale of what it can manufacture for its clients. The new fleet of N2 Plus 3D printers will also increase efficiency for larger builds made up of multiple pieces, as the final object can be made up of fewer individual pieces overall (thus requiring less assembly).

Raise3D's large-format N2 Plus 3D printer

Voodoo Manufacturing offers an example: “A custom mannequin of a six-foot-tall person would have previously needed to be made of approximately 90 individual pieces with a two-to-three-hour assembly time. Now, with Large Format 3D Printing, the same mannequin can be made in only 20 parts and assembled in just 30 minutes.”

The Brooklyn-based company hopes that its new large format 3D printing service will be of particular interest to clients seeking to build architectural models, custom mannequins, furniture prototypes, custom signs or product displays, and more. Overall, it should appeal to anyone seeking to build a tall or moderately large prototype or plastic product.

Voodoo Manufacturing's factory boasts over 200 3D printers

“We hope that providing our customers the ability to manufacture large parts will enable new applications for our service that weren’t possible before,” commented Jonathan Schwartz, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Voodoo Manufacturing.

Presently, the company is offering clients a five-day turnaround for large-format 3D printing orders.

Founded in 2015, Voodoo Manufacturing operates a large-scale 3D printing service enabled by a factory equipped with over 200 3D printers. Evidently, and thanks in part to a $5 million investment in 2017,  it has its sights set on increasing its production capacity.



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