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German engineering and electronics company Robert Bosch GmbH (better known as Bosch), has made a significant investment in Dutch 3D printing company Ultimaker. Ultimaker, which was selected as a 3D printer supplier by Bosch after comparative tests and evaluations, will supply Bosch with Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printers for its facilities across the globe.

The Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printer, which integrates dual extruders, will be deployed to various Bosch facilities in Germany, Hungary, China, India, the United States, and Mexico for a range of applications. The FDM 3D printers will primarily be used for additively manufacturing prototypes, tooling parts, jigs, and fixtures.

“We are very happy that this well-respected, leading supplier of technology and services chose our desktop 3D printers after an intensive selection procedure by its Additive Manufacturing department," commented Jos Burger, CEO at Ultimaker.

“The team at Ultimaker is working hard to make 3D printing accessible by continuously improving our hardware, software, materials and services,” Burger continued. “This global investment of Bosch confirms that our 3D printing ecosystem is ready to advance innovation on a global scale. The quality and speed of our service is the same in all countries, which helps our clients to go from an idea to manufacturing validation in just a few days, no matter where they are in the world.”

By integrating 3D printing into its workflow processes, Bosch is aiming to cut back on turnaround times for new product designs and to reduce overall prototyping and development costs. Through the adoption of the Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printer at its many global facilities, the company is expecting to benefit from the use of a “uniform 3D printing solution with materials, training, and global support.”

And fair enough: for a company with a broad global reach and a diverse product offering—including parts for cars, industrial equipment, consumer goods, and more—it makes sense to have as many manufacturing constants as possible.

The Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printer, which retails for €3,695 ($4,540), has a build volume of 215 x 215 x 300 mm (or 197 x 215 x 300 mm with dual extrusion), and is equipped with a heated build plate and live camera for monitoring prints.



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Peter York wrote at 2/23/2018 12:32:40 PM:

So, they don't believe on their own products (Dremel printers)!?

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