Feb 22, 2018 | By Benedict

CollPlant, a 3D bioprinting and regenerative medicine company, has joined the ReMDO Advanced Biomanufacturing Initiative to develop a universal bioink with tunable properties. The bioink would be used for 3D printed tissues and organs.

You might recognize the name CollPlant. The Israeli bioprinting specialist has received significant investment over the last few years as it seeks to develop the ideal 3D bioprinting bioink—a substance that could build artificial, transplantable human organs.

The regenerative medicine company has just signed up to the Advanced Biomanufacturing Initiative of ReMDO, the RegenMed Development Organization, a non-profit organization.

With the addition of CollPlant, the exciting bioink initiative now contains 18 leading research and industry organizations, as well as thought leaders in the field of 3D bioprinting who specialize in printing technologies, biomaterials, and application research.

Yehiel Tal, CEO of CollPlant, called the initiative a “forward-thinking and important project,” and stated that CollPlant will use its proprietary rhCollagen to develop the bioink.

“We believe the ability to work with ReMDO represents a validation of CollPlant's technology, and will help to position our rhCollagen as the ‘gold standard’ platform technology for collagen-based products in a broad range of markets,” Tal said.

ReMDO says its ultimate goal is to accelerate the transition of regenerative medicine technologies to the global market, and believes its philosophy of pooling the talents, resources, and ideas of multiple organizations can be the most rapid path to advanced manufacturing.



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