Feb 26, 2018 | By Benedict

SD3D, a 3D printing automation company based in Dallas, Texas, has acquired New York software company 3D Matter. SD3D was originally a client of 3D Matter, using its material optimization and forecast tools to improve its 3D design and 3D printing production services.

Founded in 2015, New York’s 3D Matter entered the 3D printing world with a simple philosophy: not to add yet another 3D printer to the marketplace, or even introduce complicated new 3D printing software or rugged new materials, but simply to provide as much help as possible to allow 3D printer users get the most out of their gear, optimizing their printer settings to suit the material and project at hand.

A few years ago, we wrote about a 3D Matter study regarding the influence of infill, layer height, and infill pattern on printed objects, which was one of several ways the company attempted to raise the standard of 3D printing around the world. Elsewhere, and perhaps more importantly, the company’s popular OptiMatter material optimization software helped designers, engineers, and researchers optimize their 3D printed parts by ensuring the right materials and processing parameters were chosen for the given application.

As of last week, New York’s 3D Matter is now part of Dallas-based SD3D, a 3D printing automation company that is currently gobbling up smaller 3D printing companies in order to expand its business. (Last month, the Texan automation leader acquired Polish software company Printelize, a specialist in online sales automation software.)

As part of the 3D Matter acquisition, SD3D has gained both the 3D Matter brand and the New York company’s OptiMatter material optimization software, which SD3D plans to make “even more accessible” by making it totally free of charge to individual end-users.

“OptiMatter is a very important tool for the 3D printing industry that 3D Matter created to help users understand the properties of their printed parts,” said Arthur Sebert, founder and former CEO of 3D Matter. “I am very happy that OptiMatter is going to be integrated into SD3D's robust offering of automation tools because OptiMatter's data can now be connected to the rest of the 3D printing process. That's what was missing for OptiMatter users so far.”

Current OptiMatter users will be able to continue using the tool, while SD3D plans to integrate the OptiMatter platform into its overall suite of automation software for 3D printing. This, the company says, will benefit both the existing users of OptiMatter along with users of other SD3D software products.

“The acquisition of OptiMatter is the perfect fit to continue facilitating growth of the automation ecosystem we have already developed for 3D printing,” said David Feeney, founder and CEO of SD3D. “SD3D is developing 3D printing standards driven through automation and OptiMatter serves a critical function in establishing those standards.”



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