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Star Wars: The Last Jedi might be wrapping up its long tenure in movie theaters, but its impact is still being felt around the cinematic world. Some of the movie’s more lighthearted moments involve porgs, prompting the inevitable deluge of 3D printed porgs. Here are 10 of the best.

Standing 3D printed porg

Designer: ricardo_jfa

One of the most versatile 3D printed porgs available, these standing statues by ricardo_jfa are based on concept sketches from The Last Jedi.

They’re also surprisingly durable, thanks to a little trick from the designer: “In case your porg's leg gets broken, everything is OK. In the spirit of Star Wars, I added a lightsaber prosthetic leg so your porg can stand up again and conquer the galaxy.”

The maker used a Creality CR-10 3D printer for his 3D printed Star Wars models, and recommends a resolution of 0.2 mm with 10% infill.

Get the 3D printable model here.

Mildly infuriated 3D printed porg

Designer: ricardo_jfa

If you don’t think the first porg conveys the excitement of an epic galactic voyage, you’ll probably want a “mildly infuriated” porg 3D model, designed by the same maker.

“This porg has the characteristic of when seen from below, it looks calm and happy,” ricardo_jfa says. “But from above it looks like the devil.”

Get the 3D printable Star Wars model here, and use the same settings as above.

Impossibly sad-looking 3D printed porg

Designer: LadyDretza / Stevenquinn

Printed & painted by: Olis_Prints

A remixed Last Jedi-inspired model from Stevenquinn’s original 3D design, this touch-up from LadyDretza has porg sitting down, looking rather distressed.

In remixing the original design, LadyDretza “lowered the poly count, took a three-micron slice off the bottom to give a larger area touching the print bed, and leaned the porg back a touch.”

The acrylic paints really make this porg.

Get the 3D printable model here.

3D printed porg cookie cutter

Designer: NickNothom

If you’d rather eat your porg, like [spoiler alert] one popular Star Wars character almost does (or does he?), you’ll probably want to 3D print this porg cookie cutter. It seems a bit heartless, if you ask us.

The Star Wars cookies come out around 10 cm tall.

Get the 3D printable model here, but have a good think about toxicity before you hand over those edible porgs to kids.

3D printed Lego porg

Designer: BestWithTech

If 3D printing a complete porg seems to simple, why not 3D print a bunch of Lego bricks and assemble a porg from those?

You’ll need filaments in a few different colors, and it’s best to print super slow to make sure all the 3D printed Lego bricks connect properly.

Get the 3D printing files here.

3D printed porg snowflake

Designer: semeivan

Moving well into the abstract here, a bit like the Empire Strikes Back dream sequence, semeivan has made a porg-shaped snowflake that can be 3D printed or perhaps laser cut to make some very unusual table decorations. The maker used a Anet A6 3D printer for his models, using 0.2 mm resolution and 15% infill.

The original designs come from Anthony Herrera, who has a whole website full of Star Wars snowflakes. Why not?

Get the 3D printable model here.

Screaming 3D printed porg

Designer: LadyDretza

Printed & painted by: downmoney

Completing the gamut of porg emotions is this screaming 3D printed porg, a stark reminder of the First Order’s power.

“Basically lopped off his head, re-positioned, remodeled the mouth, made the eyes bigger, flattened the wings against the body, added tongue and teeth,” says LadyDretza, who once again used Stevenquinn’s model as a starting point.

Look deep into this porg’s soul by getting the 3D printable model here.

3D printed porg keychain

Designer: resi2307

Spoiler: most porgs we meet in Star Wars: The Last Jedi seem to get in the way and generally provide little assistance. From the trailer I thought a porg had become the new Han Solo, but they’re actually just pests.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t ever be useful: this 3D printed porg doubles as a keychain.

Get the 3D printable model here.

Low-poly 3D printed porg

Designer: Jonnyo85

Low-poly Pokémon 3D prints have become something of an art form, and there’s no reason low-poly Star Wars prints can’t do the same.

Modeled in 3ds Max, this 3D printable porg is as angular as Poe Dameron’s jawline.

Get the 3D printing file here.

3D printed porg skeleton

Designer: stargatedalek

Jeez. Sorry about this one, porg fans. Think of it as anatomical research. “It's a composite of an owl, alligator, and penguin,” says designer stargatedalek.

Get the 3D model here.

Not a fan of porgs? You probably shouldn’t have read this far down, but you can maybe look at this 3D printable AT-AT walker or this 3D printable Millennium Falcon instead for your Star Wars 3D printing fix.



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