Feb 27, 2018 | By Benedict

Danish 3D printing R&D center Create it REAL has raised $1.6 million in an investment round led by the Danish Growth Fund. The company makes bespoke 3D printers for clients, and its 3D printing platform can print up to 5x faster than standard FDM 3D printers.

Aalborg-based Create it REAL has been around since 2009, and has approached the 3D printing industry in a different way than most. Last year, we saw how the R&D center’s latest 3D printing platform was attempting to tackle copyright issues using a processor that can decrypt secure files directly within the 3D printer.

The company’s philosophy is clearly convincing the people that matter, because Create it REAL has just raised $1.6 million in an investment round led by the Danish Growth Fund, a state investment fund that helps Danish companies by providing capital and expertise.

Create it REAL’s business model involves selling its platform to 3D printer manufacturers and corporate end-users for ad-hoc projects, essentially providing bespoke 3D printing gear. Its patent-pending technology offers print speed up to five times faster than traditional FDM printers.

More controversially, but perhaps more excitingly for investors, the Danish company has also developed a security system for protecting 3D printing IP.

“We recently added an end-to-end encryption allowing our customers to secure 3D files and protect their integrity and IP rights,” explains founder Jeremie Pierre Gay. “Files are decrypted only in the printer, making sure nobody can access them. It is as easy as listening to music on Spotify where end-users can browse a catalogue and 3D print as much as their subscription allows it.”

The $1.6 million raised will be used to further expand the development team and increase visibility outside the 3D printing industry.

“The strong interest we are seeing from large companies in the maritime industry looking for a secured platform, confirms our approach is the right one and will appeal to other industries as well,” Gay said. “Further solutions under development will soon make 3D printing even simpler, limiting user interaction to a few clicks.”

Create it REAL says it is currently considering requests to implement its technology into large-format printers, PEEK printers, metal FDM printers, and more.



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