Feb 27, 2018 | By Tess

Polish 3D printer manufacturer VERASHAPE has launched VSHAPER Open Innovation, a program aimed at involving clients in the development of additive manufacturing solutions.

At last year’s formnext event, VERASHAPE unveiled its VSHAPER 5-Axis 3D printer, which was developed in association with the Polish National Research and Development Center. The machine, which integrates a 5-axis kinematics system and a tilting rotary work platform, offered a different kind of FDM 3D printing.

Through its VSHAPER Open Innovation program, the Polish company is hoping to work with clients and potential customers who are interested in adopting its 5-axis 3D printing technology.

“The conceptual work on the 5-Axis Machine continues, but we have decided to present its effects so that potential customers are included in the technology development process,” explained Tomasz Szymański, founder and CEO of VERASHAPE. “We strive for the machine, that will become available to purchase in 2019, to meet the expectations of demanding production companies.”

Tomasz Szymański, founder and CEO of VERASHAPE

The impressive VSHAPER 5-Axis 3D printer boasts a cylindrical workspace with a diameter and height of 300 mm, and integrates a special “tool store” that holds a number of different print heads. This feature enables users to switch between different thermoplastic materials in a single print.

“Our machine enables indexed 5-axis printing, enhancing the conventional model printing method allowing to transfer the print plane to another surface that was printed earlier,” added Marek Kantowski, VERASHAPE’s R&D Lead Engineer. “It also allows simultaneous 5-axis printing that moves away from the conventional layer-by-layer printing method and allows creating spatial models on a three-dimensional surface, by using all the machine axes simultaneously.”

The company’s newly launched VSHAPER Open Innovation program will enable it to pursue R&D for its 5-axis 3D printing technology with the needs of specific clients in mind. By participating in the new program, VERASHAPE promises its clients a “significant impact on the direction of the final product development,” as well as the ability to work alongside the company’s 3D printing experts.

Finally, the company adds that the VSHAPER Open Innovation members will be given “preferential and individually determined terms of purchase.”



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