Mar 1, 2018 | By Tess

Chef Steph Keefe is doing some pretty magical things with 3D printing in the kitchen. As Head Chef of Budmen Industries’ Techno Test Kitchen, Keefe and her team have been using 3D printing to make a stunning selection of digitally designed cakes.

The sweets, called Neon Nom Noms—the phenomenon you can nom on—look like digitally generated seashells and are amazingly bright in color.

How were they made? Unfortunately, we’re not quite at the point where cake batter can be printed and baked simultaneously, so Keefe and her team have relied on the technology to digitally craft detailed cake molds.

Keefe, who is co-owner of Budmen Industries, said of the tasty morsels: “These intricate and mouthwatering computational confections start out as plastic 3D models. They are cast by hand into silicone molds, and then filled with dark chocolate, marshmallows, pretzels, and nougat—a perfect blend of sweet and salty.”

The 3D printed cake models which were used to make the food-safe molds were reportedly manufactured using a custom 3D printer built specifically for Budmen Industries’ new Techno Test Kitchen.

The cake designs, which were inspired by the intricate structure of seashells and Keefe’s time living in the Caribbean, came to life through a variety of CAD software programs. By “moving the model from program to program,” Keefe explains, the perfection of the cake’s form was achieved.

Once the desserts were solidified in the silicon mold, the talented Techno Test Kitchen team got to work manually airbrushing each confection. The result, as you can see in photos, is a series of vibrant, colorful, and tasty-looking noms.

The Neon Nom Noms are Keefe’s latest experiment with 3D printing and baking and, visually at least, they do not disappoint.

“There is bright future for 3D printing in the kitchen,” added Keefe. “With 3D printers, there are endless possibilities for futuristic food with precise and complex forms.”

(Images: Budmen Industries)

We can’t way to see what Keefe and her Budmen Industries team 3D print next!



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