Mar 3, 2018 | By Tess

If you get snowed in this weekend, here is a fun 3D printing project to occupy your time…literally. 3D print your own Apple Watch stand inspired by “Thing” from the Addams family.

Thing, or more formally Thing T. Thing, is a part of TV’s infamous Addams Family, and his history is an interesting one. Fans of the fictional clan will know that the original Thing was actually a full figure who was too repulsive to look at—the only part of him that people could bear to see was his hand. In later reincarnations of The Addams Family, however, Thing simply became a mischievous disembodied hand.

This 3D printed hand, a tribute to the later Thing, was designed by Netherlands-based maker Mike Rotz, aka [MikeVR], who decided it would be fun to create an Apple Watch stand that had some spunk (and some fingers). The "handy" project includes a built-in charger hole so you can reboot your Apple Watch battery while it sits on Thing’s wrist.

Simply feed the Apple Watch’s smart magnetic charging cable through the bottom of the hand and fit the disc component of the charger into a hole in the hand’s wrist. If done correctly, your Apple Watch should sit right in front of the hole, thus connecting to the magnetic charger.

(Images: MikeVR / Thingiverse)

Rotz used an Ultimaker 2 3D printer to make his own Apple Watch Thing stand and recommends a resolution of 0.1 mm and an infill of 15 percent. The print does not require supports, but the maker does recommend using a brim of 16-32 lines.

Once printed, the Thing-inspired hand can be painted and finished for an eerily realistic effect. Trust us, it’s a print you’ll want to get your hands on. You can find the 3D printable file for the make here.

(Image: nixilus / Thingiverse)



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