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BCN3D Technologies, a Barcelona-based desktop 3D printing specialist, has released the CAD files, documentation, and GitHub repositories for its BCN3D Sigmax 3D printer. The company says it wants to repay the open source community.

Here’s some welcome news for tinkerers. BCN3D, the Spanish company behind the Sigma and Sigmax 3D printers, has published the open source files for the Sigmax, a wide-format FDM 3D printer priced at around 4,500 euros ($5,600).

The good news should come as no surprise to followers of BCN3D, which also released the open source files for the Sigma 3D printer back in May 2016.

The company says it wants to continue contributing to the open source community, which helped build the company in the first place, and wants to spread its technology while maintaining a commercial edge.

“The Sigmax is a professional FFF (FDM) desktop 3D printer characterized by its massive printing volume and its Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system,” BCN3D says. “Today, we are excited to share with the whole community the source files of the Sigmax.”

In addition to CAD files for the Sigmax 3D printer, BCN3D has also released documentation covering five key areas: mechanics, electronics, firmware, software, and process engineering, all of which can be found on dedicated BCN3D GitHub repositories.

These repositories provide access to mechanical and electronics designs including 3D files, 2D drawings, and the bill of materials with BCN3D’s suppliers.

The company has also published the BCN3D Sigmax’s firmware source code, as well as the BCN3D Cura source code files. Users will also have access to all assembly documentation and tooling.

In addition to the open source files, BCN3D has also published a short history of its company.

All the information is published under the CERN Open Hardware Licence (CERN OHL) and General Public License v3 (GPLv3).

RepRap pioneer Richard Horne (RichRap) said he was happy to see the Sigmax 3D printer go open source: “The 3D printing community is seeing steady innovation and further product refinement from BCN3D, both as manufacturers of professional desktop 3D printers and with the wider ecosystem to support them,” he said. “I’m delighted to see BCN3D continuing an open source strategy, and even more excited to see what they do next.”

Open source is a key issue in the 3D printing world, with many users staunchly committed to open source principles, believing that an open approach to development is both fairer and ultimately more beneficial for users and manufacturers.

Almost exactly one year ago, Ultimaker caused a few concerns when it filed for its first 3D printer patents. While reassuring users about its commitment to open source, many felt this was a step in the wrong direction.

Get the open source files for the BCN3D Sigmax here.



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Joseph wrote at 3/8/2018 11:19:14 AM:

We can expect a few hundred chinese knockoffs within the next few weeks... great decision by the BCN3D new CEO

Joe wrote at 3/7/2018 7:37:26 PM:

Monoprice: Are you reading this? Please sell me an $800 version of Sigmax.

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