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Artist and cosplay specialist Melissa Ng of Lumecluster has once again collaborated with Marvel Studios to recreate one of its iconic costumes using 3D printing. This time, instead of drawing inspiration from one of the heroes of the Marvel Universe, Ng has turned to one of its more villainous characters: the irreproachable Hela from Thor: Ragnarok.

In the latest instalment of the “Marvel Becoming” web series, Ng goes into detail about how she recreated Hela’s equally beautiful and menacing headdress. (Readers might already know that the actual headdress in the film worn by Cate Blanchett was also 3D printed by Ironhead Studio!)

“The original design was gorgeous already and I really wanted to honor the beauty that was already there,” says the Lumecluster designer. “I stuck with the overall shape of the Hela Headdress but what I added was a lot of lined details that mimic the patterns that you see on Hela’s suit.”

The original Hela Headdress in Thor: Ragnarok was also 3D printed

The cosplay Hela Headdress was 3D printed from a PCTPE nylon material—a popular choice for cosplay makers because of its flexibility, durability, and impact resistance. The piece was then expertly airbrushed to achieve the otherworldly emerald gradient.

We’re sure that much more post-processing and assembly went into perfecting the 3D printed wearable prop, and we’re eager for Ng to release her behind-the-scenes info soon!

The 3D printed Hela Headdress was made from PCTPE

“I had a lot of fun creating Marvel Becoming’s Hela Headdress,” adds Ng in the Marvel video. “Being able to draw on my own spin is also what cosplay is all about, having fun with it and letting other people have fun with it, that’s what it should be all about.”

In the video, the 3D printed Hela Headdress was worn by cosplayer Jessica Dru Johnson.

Cosplayer Jessica Dru Johnson dons 3D printed Hela Headdress in recent Marvel Becoming video

This past December, Ng also collaborated with Marvel to design and 3D print an Ironheart costume for cosplayer Lexi Momo. Ironheart, aka Riri Williams, is the young character who is preparing to take up the mantle from Tony Stark’s Iron Man. The character, who is both female and black, marks a move towards increased diversity within the Marvel Universe.

Some of Lumecluster’s own designs include an amazing 3D printed Dream Regalia Armor designed for actress and gamer Felicia Day, as well as the fierce 3D printed Sovereign Armor for women.

Based in New York, Ng is inspired by dreams and dreamers, and her designs are made to uplift people.

As the artist writes on her website, “I created to be a place where Dreamers can find courage to push the boundaries of their imagination… Whether it is a mask or other wearable art, the Dreamer theme serves as the creative’s armor against the nightmares that seek to tear us down and acts as a promise to continue to build dreams that inspire and uplift others.”



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