Mar 11, 2018 | By Tess

Stratasys subsidiary Solidscape, a company specializing in wax 3D printers, has released a new 3D printer for the jewelry making market. The new machine, the S390 high precision 3D printer, was built for producing finely detailed pieces of jewelry at rapid speeds.

According to Solidscape, the new 3D printer offers the same quality as its previous wax 3D printing machines but at a much faster speed thanks to its Solidjet technology. The company is marketing the S390 to jewelry manufacturers as well as 3D printing service bureaus and investment casting companies.

The S390 3D printer is capable of manufacturing precisely detailed and high-resolution wax models which can be used directly for casting purposes. Compared to Solidscape’s earlier 3D printer model, the S350, could print roughly 75 models per month, but the new S390 boasts an output of about 200 models per month.

Of course, for that added productivity and speed, there is a significant jump in the printer’s price. While the S350 retails for $39,650, the new 3D printer is listed for $55,650. The unit comes equipped with a Solidscape base and an industrial dust collection system.

The 3D printer also includes an automatic support generation system, to ensure that even the most delicate pieces of jewelry can be made. The supports can simply be dissolved post printing.

“The S390 is addressing the needs of our jewelry customers in terms of faster production turnarounds without compromising precision and quality,” commented Fabio Esposito, Solidscape President & CEO. “The higher level of reliability and speed offered by the S300 Series secures consistent and faster production combined with Solidscape's renowned printing accuracy and precision.”

Solidscape will be presenting its new S390 high precision 3D printer at the upcoming Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) Expo from March 11 to 13. We'll be keeping an eye out for more technical details and specifications for Solidscape's new jewelry 3D printer.



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