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Canadian 3D printer company AON3D has released the AON-M2 3D printer, a large-format, high-temperature 3D printer for engineering applications. The machine is aimed squarely at professional users.

With “best-in-class temperature performance,” adaptive build surface calibration, and numerous other features for 3D printing strong parts, AON3D’s brand-new AON-M2 3D printer is sure to grab the attention of additive manufacturing specialists looking for an engineering-grade machine.

The new 3D printer, which is designed from the ground up to 3D print with PEEK, Ultem, and other aerospace-grade thermoplastics (including carbon fiber filled variants), has an extremely hot 120°C chamber—unheard-of outside the top strata of professional additive manufacturing equipment—which AON3D says is crucial for first layer adhesion, minimizing part warping, and improving interlayer bonding.

Those extreme temperature capabilities of the 3D printer also translate, unsurprisingly, to the hot end, which can reach up to 450°C, and the hot-swappable ALCA 5 precision aluminum build plate, which can be heated to temperatures above 200°C.

In terms of dimensions, the 3D printer has a large build area of 455 x 455 x 635 mm (18 x 18 x 25 inches) which allows for the printing of large parts or batch jobs. Its max XY speed is 500 mm/s and max Z speed is 100 mm/s, with Z layer heights of 0.05 mm to 0.5 mm and a theoretical XY resolution of 0.025 mm.

Kevin Han, AON3D CEO, says the AON-M2 was designed from the ground up for professional users, especially those that need to make functional parts, and says the printer is compatible with the highest-strength plastics available for 3D printing, such as PEEK. The new 3D printer is also a concerted effort from AON3D to make professional-grade printing accessible to smaller businesses.

Excitingly, the professional-grade 3D printer will work with an open materials platform, which means users can buy filaments from any supplier or even develop their own formulations. AON3D is currently working with material specialists like Essentium Materials to develop ready-made 3D printing materials for the new machine.

Other features of the AON-M2 3D printer include liquid-cooled hot ends and motion components, automatic print surface calibration, dual independent toolheads for multi-material 3D printing or faster print jobs, frictionless remote access, and comprehensive support from the company, which is based in Montreal, Quebec.

The AON3D printer works with Simplify3D slicing software, while an onboard LCD touchscreen works as the control interface.

The complete package price for the AON-M2 starts at $29,999.



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