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3D printing has truly revolutionized role-playing games (RPGs) and tabletop games, enabling gamers to bring their fantasy and sci-fi worlds to life like never before. For those who may not have the design chops (or the time) to create their own 3D printable characters or RPG terrains from scratch, there has been a surge in shareable and purchasable 3D printable models.

Currently, for instance, there are at least four ongoing crowdfunding campaigns for expertly designed tabletop terrains and 3D printable models. The idea behind each of them is that backers make a pledge and receive bundles of 3D printable models that have been digitally crafted by professional designers. These printable models can then be painted and customized by the backer to be used during gaming sessions.

Check out some of the most current 3D printable RPG terrains and figurines available on Kickstarter now:

Wightwood Abbey, 3D printable Medieval Monastery

Designer: Infinite Dimensions Games

Pledge range: $7.50 - $580

Status: Seeking funds

Days left: 29

Toronto-based Infinite Dimensions Games is hoping to bring an ecclesiastic element to your tabletop gaming with its 3D printable Wightwood Abbey. The immaculately designed terrain includes a 3D printable church, scriptorium, abbot’s house, stables, gatehouse, and enclosing walls. Assembled together, they make an expansive abbey complex; separately they can be used in diverse gaming settings.

Most of the reward options are to receive the 3D printable STL files for the Wightwood Abbey components, though the largest reward (about $580) will get you a fully printed and painted Wightwood Abbey terrain.

See the full reward options here.

Worlds Over Run Catalog Two, 3D printable Thorn expansion & Scorch terrain

Designer: Eric Askue

Pledge range: $45 - $250

Status: Funded

Days left: 6

As the lead artist at Collapse Industries, Connecticut-based designer Eric Askue is no stranger to 3D modeling and fantasy designs. His latest crowdfunding campaign for Worlds Over Run (WOR) will attest to that.

The ongoing Kickstarter features a number of 3D printable tabletop gaming models, including an expansion to Askue’s existing Thorn terrain and a wholly new desert-inspired RPG setting called Scorch.

The Thorn expansion models include the Thorn Portal, a vicious, barbed tunnel entrance; Thorn Crawlers, “heavily armored surface disrupters” that act as good covers; the Thorn Grinder Coil, a plowing, burrowing “beast,” and more.

The desert world of Scorch, for its part, features such arid models as environment tiles, ancient-looking Scorch Obelisks, the Tors of Scorch, a vast Scorch Shield Wall, and much more. (The tiles are OpenLOCK-compatible)

These models are on the more affordable end and will only set you back $45 for either the Thorn expansion set or the Scorch models. There are still some early bird options remaining for both RPG bundles (only $55 for the two groups). For the highest pledge of $250, backers will receive a resellers printing license which gives them access to the Worlds Over Run catalog.

See the Kickstarter details here.

The Lost Islands, 3D printable fantasy terrain

Designer: Printable Scenery

Pledge range: $50 - $108

Status: Funded

Days left: 10

While we’ve already covered Printable Scenery’s “The Lost Islands” 3D printable terrain in depth, there is still time to get in on the crowdfunding campaign.

The expertly designed pirate-themed gaming terrain set includes a few different bundles: The Lost Ships, Port Winterdale, and the Lost Tribes. Each of these bundles features a number of 3D printable 28 mm set pieces.

Because the Kickstarter campaign has been such a success so far, backers will also receive a number of exciting stretch goals to further expand their swashbuckling adventure terrain. Hurry, you’ve only got 10 days left to bag Printable Scenery’s latest 3D models.

Find out more here.

3D printable Sci-Fi Tanks

Designer: Duncan ‘Shadow’ Louca

Pledge Range: $77

Status: Funded

Days left: 17

Last but not least are these awesome 3D printable sci-fi tanks designed by Duncan ‘Shadow’ Louca. The series of wargaming vehicles includes a main battle tank, mobile artillery vehicles, a flame tank, scout walkers, troop transport vehicles, and a ton of accessories and add-ons.

The 3D printable sci-fi tanks are scaled to the standard 32 mm / 28 mm, but can be adjusted before printing.

So far, Louca’s Kickstarter campaign has already racked up a ton of support (over $10K’s worth) meaning that backers are already guaranteed their 3D printable files. With over two weeks remaining of the crowdfunder, you can still get a piece of the action for about $77.

Check out the Kickstarter here.



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