Mar 22, 2018 | By Tess

If your shower routine has become a bit humdrum and is lacking in excitement, Brooklyn-based startup Zooheads (a spin-off of 3D printing service Voodoo Manufacturing) is hoping it can help. The company is targeting a niche market by selling 3D printed animal-themed showerheads.

The colorful 3D printed showerheads might not come with different jet settings, but they do come in a variety of different animal species (some fantastical ones as well!). Customers can choose from fearsome animals such as a shark, gorilla, lion, or alligator; or more friendly ones, like a dolphin or elephant.

Our favorite models, however, have got to be the assortment of dragon and dinosaur showerheads. That’s right: you can scrub yourself clean with water spawning from a T-Rex head (or skull) and dragon head (also available in its skull form).

Customers can also choose from a variety of different color options (there are 20 in total), allowing them to match the wild shower accessories to their bathroom’s decor.

“The idea originated when I created a now-famous T-rex skull showerhead,” said Jonathan Schwartz, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Voodoo Manufacturing. “In 2014, I designed this showerhead and posted it to the Thingiverse, the popular 3D printing file sharing site.

“Quickly after posting the design, it went viral, so we thought, why not make this a business? We’re super stoked to make cool showerheads and look forward to creating new lines around pop-culture!”

The showerheads themselves are designed to be universal—they can be screwed on to any shower with a 0.5-inch pipe thread—and are made from a durable, safe, and eco-friendly PLA material. In keeping with the environmental material, Zooheads is committed to producing the products on a made-to-order basis, to eliminate as much waste as possible.

Once an order is placed for the 3D printed animal heads, the company will set to work printing, a process which only takes about eights hours to complete. By the time all printing and post-processing steps are complete, Zooheads promises the 3D printed bathroom accessories will be shipped out within two days.

At full price, the 3D printed showerheads are retailing for $29.95 apiece, though Zooheads is currently offering a special $5 rebate (until the end of the day) as part of its launch. To pay lip service to the animal kingdom it is inspired by, Zooheads will also be donating 10 percent of the showerhead sales to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a globally recognized conservation organization.

Excitingly, there even seems to be the potential to have a customized 3D printed showerhead made. In the startup’s FAQ, Zooheads says: “If you’d like to make your very own custom showerhead please… get in touch with our sales team.”

One thing’s for sure: the 3D printed showerheads are sure to liven up your daily shower.



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