Mar 24, 2018 | By Tess

This week in 3D printing saw a ton of news including a high-profile lawsuit between 3D printer companies, illicit uses of 3D printed goods, new 3D printed robots, materials, printers, and more.

Desktop Metal files patent infringement lawsuit against Markforged, alleges trade secret misappropriation

Metal 3D printing company Desktop Metal has filed a lawsuit against carbon fiber 3D printing specialist Markforged. Desktop Metal, which received a major investment from Ford this week, claims Markforged unlawfully replicated DM-patented technologies on the Metal X 3D printer. [Read more]

Amsterdam drug dealers caught stashing cocaine in 3D printed Nintendo cartridges

Dutch police have arrested four people on suspicion of drug dealing. The accused, who had supposedly been running a dark web operation, had a network of three 3D printers for printing fake Nintendo cartridges and ink cartridges, which they would stuff with cocaine, MDMA, and other drugs. [Read more]

3D printable seaweed-derived material adsorbs pollutants with 94% efficiency

Researchers in Italy have developed a 3D printable recycled material that can actively cut pollutants in air and wastewater. Like the more expensive activated carbon, the new 3D printable material can capture particulate matter, and could be used in water filtration systems. [Read more]

MIT's 3D printed robotic 'SoFi' fish could be future of underwater observation

MIT’s prolific Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) recently revealed a new technology which could make it easier to capture video and photographic recordings of unknown or mysterious underwater creatures. [Read more]

Massivit 1500 Exploration: new large-format 3D printer with instant-cure Gel Dispensing tech

Massivit 3D has launched the Massivit 1500 Exploration, a large-format 3D printer that uses the company’s Gel Dispensing Printing technology to produce lightweight, hollow pieces up to 1450 x 1170 x 1470 mm in size. [Read more]



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