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If you don’t know it by name, you’ll certainly be familiar with the famous “Fearless Girl” statue which was installed in Manhattan’s Financial District last year. The bronze statue, designed by artist Kristen Visbal and commissioned by investment firm State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), stands down Wall Street’s notorious “Charging Bull” statue, highlighting the importance of gender diversity in leadership positions.

Now, for $6,500, you can buy your very own miniature version of the Fearless Girl sculpture as Visbal is creating a limited run of 1,000 replicas made with the help of 3D scanning and printing.

20 percent of the proceeds from the sculpture sales will reportedly be given to a nonprofit (and we hope that the other portion will go to the artist and not towards the investment firm that commissioned the piece).

In making the replicas, Visbal captured a 3D scan of the original sculpture on June 2017 and transformed the data into a 3D model. From there, the artist says she 3D printed a miniature version of the model using a vero photopolymer material. The final pieces will be cast in bronze (on order) and will be mounted on a 4 cm base made of black granite.

The original ‘Fearless Girl’ statue stands in New York City's Financial District

Since the pieces are part of a limited-edition run, each miniature statue (measuring about 22 inches in height), will be signed and numbered. Buyers can expect to receive their $6,500 Fearless Girl mementos in a velvet-lined presentation box along with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

“My hope is that your limited-edition bronze will serve as a symbol of empowerment and encouragement,” writes Visbal, “and as a reminder that collaboration between genders and culture is the enlightened path forward for smarter, stronger decisions.”

Interested? You’ll have to put down a 60 percent deposit to secure your casting and will have to wait three to four months to receive the limited edition sculpture.

Somewhat ironically, SSgA, the firm that commissioned the sculpture, has incited some controversy over the sculpture, as people have pointed out that only five women sat on its 28-person leadership council. In October 2017, it was reported that the investment firm agreed to pay a $5 million settlement for gender-based salary discrimination.

Still, the Fearless Girl statue itself still draws many tourists and is reportedly being considered as a permanent installation in New York City.

“Since we placed Fearless Girl in New York City on International Women's Day last year, she has inspired millions around the world and drawn thousands of visitors,” said a SSgA representative. “We are currently working with the Mayor's Office to determine a permanent solution to keep Fearless Girl in New York City so she can continue to promote the power of having more women in leadership.”



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I believe in humans, don't care about their gender wrote at 3/31/2018 7:00:29 AM:

What a waste of money

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