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The release of a new 3D printer from pioneering company Raise 3D is definitely a reason to get excited, and their latest machine could point towards a new phase in the implementation of 3D printing technology into the manufacturing world. Known as the Pro2 Series, this new range of 3D printers is superficially similar to the company’s previous N2 Series. However, these older products were primarily high-end desktop machines, whereas the Pro 2 machines are built with industrial-grade components, and are designed to be used as part of small-batch series manufacturing.

“Even if our N2 printers have been considered among the best for desktop fabrication by Make Magazine and 3D Hubs Community, there was still room for improvement in some features. We carried out a full revision of our N2 series and designed a new printer with the best performance and quality components we could develop or find in the market.” said Raise3D CEO Diogo Quental. “Our determination is to have the best possible FFF 3D printer to achieve our vision of Pathfinding for Flexible Manufacturing”.

The concept of Flexible Manufacturing is the key to Raise3D’s vision for the future of the industry. The company foresees print factories composed of desktop FDM machines in series, which could be used to develop serious manufacturing capacity.

These factories would be efficient for additive manufacturing production up to a few thousand batches, and the relatively small size would allow for easy improvements to the process. It would offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of materials and colors used, parallel production of parts and different batch sizes. Maintenance, upgrades and up-scaling would all be straightforward for a company to achieve, making Flexible Manufacturing an advantageous solution for smaller companies or start-ups with an eye on growth or consolidation. The reductions in cost and increase in potential business opportunities would be significant, making it much easier for a new manufacturer to establish itself on the market.

Raise3D, a multi-national that originally started out in China, is promising that the new range of Pro2 machines will be among the fastest, most reliable and easy-to-use dual printers available. The company recommends that manufacturers start out with the purchase of a couple of its new FFF machines, just to work out the basics of their functioning and experiment with the new possibilities that are presented. This should eventually lead to the growth of a full-blown smart factory, using the Pro2 to realise the company’s vision of Flexible Manufacturing and exploit the potential of Industry 4.0 to empower small businesses as much as possible, early in their evolution.

Raise 3D will also be offering a Service Package, Print Management Software, and customized solutions for Vertical Markets. There will also be consulting services provided to corporate partners, enabling them to get an accurate evaluation of the solutions that the company is providing, in the short-term as well as the long-term. All this will enable a comfortable and efficient integration of Raise 3D’s Pro2 3D printing technology into manufacturing processes, and we’re likely to see more of this holistic approach as the industry progresses. Pre-sales of the Pro2 Series open today, and the official sales launch will take place on the 25th of April, in Rapid + TCT show, in Texas.



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