Apr 4, 2018 | By David

Leading Chinese 3D printing company INTAMSYS has announced that it will be launching a global 3D printing service, for on-demand additive manufacturing. The company, which is a market leader in PEEK and high-performance functional materials, will be offering worldwide shipping to clients and customers for this service. It is also releasing technical data sheets that will give potential users a run-down of all the crucial information about its various materials, so they can make an informed decision about which kind of product and service will suit their own needs.

With its headquarters in Shanghai, INTAMSYS has been a major contributor of additive manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries for many years now, with the help of its materials expertise and its state-of-the-art FUNMAT 3D printers. FUNMAT machines are engineered for highly reliable and affordable 3D printing of high-performance functional materials.

INTAMSYS’ materials portfolio includes ULTEM 1010, ULTEM 9085, and PPSU. Furthermore, users can choose from engineering-grade thermoplastics and composites such as PC-ABS, Carbon Fiber Nylon, PC, Nylon, ABS, ASA, PLA and others. The company’s PEEK offerings are primarily what it is known for, however. PEEK is consistently able to perform at the highest level for engineering applications, due to its exceptional chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties and flame retardancy in high temperature operating environments. The thermoplastic’s outstanding bio-compatibility is another strongly desired feature, particularly for research and medical fields, and it means that use of the material has limited environmental impact.

The company’s new global 3D printing service will provide the outstanding levels of accuracy, consistence in quality, intricate details, and optimal and repeatable mechanical properties that INTAMSYS is known for. Not only will engineers and designers around the world be endowed with a new level of design freedom, in terms of the structures and geometries that will be achievable, but the potential reliability of parts will also improve, due to the personalized quality control inspections that ensure dimensional precision as well as carrying out stringent visual and warp checks.

Another unique feature of INTAMSYS’ 3D printing service is the potential part sizes that it is offering. As additive manufacturing for industrial parts becomes more and more commonplace, 3D printing companies and printer manufacturers are increasing their build volumes exponentially to meet demand and simplify the process. INTAMSYS is keeping up with this trend, particularly with its FUNMAT PRO HT machine, an extra-large version of the FUNMAT PRO 3D printer. Clients can order parts up to 450 x 450 x 600 mm, made at the same high level of precision and quality that prototypes and smaller parts would be. This points the way forward for companies to integrate more unibody designs into their operations. The benefits of reducing component numbers and simplifying designs by printing larger parts are many and varied. Production costs will be reduced, as will tooling times and labour costs, as well as potential fixture issues.

INTAMSYS is offering its full range of 3D printing services and materials to a global market, at competitive prices. Quotes are easily accessible, obtained directly from INTAMSYS according to the type of project requested.



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M Doorn wrote at 4/10/2018 5:11:37 PM:

I don't trust the specs that they provide. These are probably material specifications This are no specs of the printed products. At least in Z-direction the strength won't be high, probably below 40MPa. I would like to see evidence of strength by tests done as in the Solvay AM Cup. The highest performance archieved in Z-direction is 80 MPa with PEEK as far as I know.

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