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Leading Italian 3D printer manufacturer Roboze has recently announced the unveiling of brand new headquarters, a sign of the company’s success and continued commitment to expansion and development. The new building will be strategically located in the Modugno (Bari), in the heart of the industrial complex where multinational companies such as SKF, Bridgestone, Bosch, Magneti Marelli, Merck, and General Electric are also based. The facility is state-of-the-art and meticulously designed, with all kinds of features that will see the company’s operations streamlined. Up to 60 new employees are also due to be hired in the next two years.

The primary focus of the new facility will be to boost productivity, with a potential quadrupling of production capacity envisaged by the company, to meet growing demand for its cutting-edge offerings. Roboze has a young team of innovative employees with a high level of engineering expertise, and it sees their encouragement and happiness as being the key to the company’s continued success. Relaxation rooms are just as important a part of the new headquarters as the advanced research and development laboratory, and there will also be a Demo & Applications center for new technology and materials to be tested and properly implemented.

Alongside its new HQ in its Italian homeland, Roboze is also planning to expand and properly inaugurate its branch office in the U.S. The company has chosen the City Gate Center in Naperville, IL, 28 miles west of downtown Chicago, to be its sales and technology center, due to its location, style and ability to host all kinds of events. This will allow the company’s presence in the U.S market to be boosted, with applications engineers and marketing managers setting up there in the near future to meet growing 3D printing demand across America. The office already hosts the company’s impressive Roboze One 3D printer, which will be used for demonstrations, seminars, training and manufacturing of parts.

Around 30 percent of the components for Roboze’s 3D printers are produced in-house, which gives the company a high level of flexibility and adaptability that is a major competitive advantage. This is how the company stays ahead of the game, according to company director and CEO Alessio Lorusso:

“Our machines are completely designed by Roboze”, he says. “We write the software language, design the user interface, and manufacture our extrusion heads in-house. All this know-how under one roof, allows us to respond quickly and stay at the top of our industry when technologies or markets change. Investing in production technologies also increases our experience and opens up new opportunities. Our goal isn’t to produce the most machines, but rather to produce the best machines in the world.”

Roboze’s latest innovation is the ARGO 500, currently the most precise 3D printer capable of printing large-scale prints and super polymers such as PEEK, Carbon PA, ULTEM, AM9085F and, for the first time, Carbon PEEK (carbon fibre reinforced Peek). This combination of materials compatibility and precision has been difficult for other manufacturers to match.

Roboze ARGO 500

On a larger scale, the next big phase of Roboze’s expansion should be its increased integration into the healthcare market. The increasing acceptance of 3D printing techniques for various medical applications, and particularly the use of PEEK materials, has led the company to establish a dedicated medical division. The intention will be primarily to meet the needs of specific patient types, and six new research and development projects have already been launched. The company also received regional approval for a €1.3M project in partnership with the University of Salento, CNR and the San Raffaele Hospital. It will be focused on the design and fabrication of a prototype for a new 3D Bio-plotter, which will enable the 3D printing of scaffolds with compatible and implantable biomaterials.



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