Apr 14, 2018 | By David

Here’s a round-up of three more exciting DIY 3D printing projects that have been posted online recently. The hobbyist community has been busy as ever, with a 3D printed chess set, a handheld self-propelling device, and Nintendo Switch accessories.

1. 3D printed chess set

3D printed chess sets are not unique in the hobbyist world, as there’s definitely a lot of overlap between DIY makers and gaming enthusiasts. This most recent effort, from Kiriakos Christodoulou, could take the prize for one of the smallest 3D printed chess sets yet made. It’s also definitely the most impractical.

The set is made out of standard nylong 3D printer plastic, a little higher quality than ABS or PLA. The whole set is 5.3 x 0.16 x 8.2 cm, roughly the size of a credit card, as it’s designed to be able to fit into your wallet. The tiny chess pieces pop out of the rectangular frame at the start, but unfortunately they cannot be put back in there once they’re out. Another issue that may limit use is the fact that all the pieces are the same colour, and only a small hole allows you to tell one side from the other.

What the design lacks in convenience or practicality, it certainly makes up for in uniqueness as well as portability, and Christodoulou says that it was designed for chess emergencies. The set is available to purchase on Shapeways for around $12, in a choice of different colours.


2. 3D printed Self-Propelling Device

A video posted on Youtube by user Ivan Miranda shows some of the exciting things that can be done with propulsion devices. His device is basically four fans combined, powered by a series of motors, and he intends to use it for some kind of major propulsion project.

The main body of the device was made using 3D printing technology, put together in order to integrate multiple fans as well as being capable of attaching to the user’s wrist. The total print took several days and used a large amount of filament. The rest was made using lithium batteries and salvaged motors from various remote controlled items.

This unconventional project is still in testing phases, and Ivan has just finished the thrust test. Visitors to his Youtube page will be able to see where this idea progresses if they keep checking back.


3. 3D printed Nintendo Switch accessories

A keen gamer known as vmnl8r has posted a video on Youtube of some neat accessories he put together using 3D printing, for his Nintendo Switch. They are designed to also incorporate parts from his Lego Technic kit, bringing together two well-loved favourites in a truly impressive little package.

The main piece is based around a 3D printed accessory rail, intended to fit the JoyCon controller. The designs for this were posted on Thingiverse, so other Switch users can take a look and see if they are able to make their own versionModelled closely after the JoyCon, the accessory rail was modified at the design stage in order to be able to incorporate Lego Technics pieces.

What this means is that these Lego pieces can be used to create additional parts for the controller. They can be used to make a functional stand for the Switch (instead of Nintendo’s terrible one), a controller grip, a steering wheel controller mount, and much more besides.



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