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We’ve reported before on the work of Raise3D, a leading global 3D printer manufacturer. The company, which was founded in China and now has offices in three continents, has established a reputation for its high-end desktop machines. Raise 3D’s latest offering is the Pro2 desktop FDM machine, and it should improve further on the N2 series, which is acclaimed as one of the best printers on the market in 2018. The Pro2 is on another level entirely, and the key to its success should be its integration into what Raise3D is referring to as Flexible Manufacturing.

The Pro2 Series 3D printers can claim to be among the fastest in dual printing, and they don’t sacrifice one bit on accuracy. The print accuracy is reported at around 16 times higher than the market standard, and usability and reliability is also much higher compared to other machines. Built with industrial-grade components, the Pro2 3D printer will bring all these qualities to professional manufacturing operations, enabling businesses over a huge range of sizes to capitalize on the company’s 3D printing expertise and make the most of the move into Industry 4.0.

Raise3D’s Flexible Manufacturing vision is intended to optimize and accelerate the implementation of additive technologies into manufacturing processes, and the Pro2 Series will be at the heart of this strategy. 3D printing’s influence across the manufacturing world is continuing to expand, with 93 percent of manufacturers expecting growth and 19 percent expecting to increase their use of additive technology by 5 times or more in the upcoming years.

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Despite this growth, the company has identified a number of barriers that are currently preventing many companies from updating their methods and capitalizing on the 3D printing revolution. To make the transition, manufacturers need to be well-informed about the existing product and process certifications, as well as the implications on the whole manufacturing process. They need to be sure about final product mechanical performance and to ensure stability across the whole supply chain, as well as carrying out a full analysis of AQL data. Addressing all these issues can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming.

What the Flexible Manufacturing strategy offers is a way to demonstrate 3D printing technology’s benefits in an accessible, affordable way that will allow companies to gradually scale up in the future. The Pro2 series 3D printers can be used as part of small, autonomously-run ''smart'' print factories. Batches can start from just one or two up to around a thousand. Prices start at around $50,000, which would be an acceptable price tag for smaller businesses or established manufacturers looking to trial additive processes.

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The Pro2 Series is easy to get to grips with in terms of use and is also easy to maintain. Upgrading the machines and scaling up the size of the print factory would also be easy, so companies don’t need to spend too much time or money planning out what would be the optimal size to start with. They will also be well- positioned to adapt to changes in the market and in customer demands, as well as their own shifting business goals. Flexible manufacturing also offers a high level of flexibility in terms of materials and colors used, parallel 3D printing of parts from different materials, as well as parallel production of different batch sizes.

As well as the Pro2 and Pro2 Plus 3D printer, Raise 3D is also offering customized solutions for selected vertical markets, in order to further facilitate the transition into Flexible Manufacturing and optimized use of 3D printing technology. It is taking a proactive attitude in order to enable new manufacturing projects as much as possible, and any interested individuals or companies are encouraged to contact Raise 3D and discuss future opportunities in Flexible Manufacturing. The company will also have a presence at this year’s Rapid TCT conference in Fort Worth, for interested visitors to get face-to-face contact with a Raise 3D representative.



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gmob wrote at 4/18/2018 4:53:41 AM:

Rapid+TCT is in Fort Worth this year.

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