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This year’s Rapid + TCT show is a veritable smorgasbord of delights from around the 3D printing world, with some of the biggest names in attendance. We’ve previously reported on the latest 3D printing offerings from EOS, 3D Systems, and Stratasys, amongst others. Two smaller homegrown 3D printing success stories, MakerGear and Titan Robotics, are also showcasing their latest developments in Fort Worth, TX until April 26. MakerGear has a new machine and software to demonstrate, while Titan Robotics has an upgraded custom version of its Titan 3D printer on show.

MakerGear unveils M3 Independent Dual Rev. 1 3D Printer with Enclosure, and MakerGear Cloud Software

Ohio-based MakerGear is taking advantage of this year’s Rapid + TCT to announce the release of a brand new 3D printer, the M3-ID Rev.1. This is the latest in the company’s successful M3 range, and represents an evolution of the M3-ID (Independent Dual) dual-extrusion 3D printer that was debuted at last year’s event.

One of the upgraded M3-ID Rev.1’s main new features is an advanced bed levelling system. The printer will feature a new touch probe that checks the print surface to manage the manual levelling process. It also generates a mesh, using 9 individual data points, in order to compensate for any unavoidable variations in the flatness of the print bed. It’s also available with the MakerGear Enclosure, an optional 3D printer enclosure that can more effectively maintain temperature, vent odors and reduce operation noise. Like the other 3D printers in the M3 range, the M3-ID Rev.1 also features Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless control, an integrated user interface, and high-temperature V4 hot ends that are compatible with a broad variety of materials.

(images, source: MakerGear)

The company will also be showcasing its new MakerGear Cloud software, which is designed to maximize the productivity of a 3D printer fleet. It can achieve this through printer cluster mapping and cluster-based print queuing, which allows the building and customization of printer clusters based on placement and arrangement within a manufacturer’s facilities. For clients’ protection, the software also features advanced administrative controls that permit users to configure privileges by location, role, or account type.


Titan Robotics demos faster Atlas 3D printer

Founded in Colorado in 2014, Titan Robotics creates large-format 3D printers and specializes in direct pellet-fed 3D printing and high-flow filament 3D printing. The company recently teamed up with Yaskawa America to upgrade its Atlas 3D printer. Yaskawa America is a company that specializes in motion-control technology, and together the companies were able to signficantly improve the printing speed of the Atlas.

The new line of custom Atlas machines that is being displayed at Titan Robotics’ booth is capable of printing up to 350mm (13.8in) per second. The print head can travel between two precise points at a rate of one meter (3.3ft) per second. This was achieved by leveraging Yaskawa’s advanced servo systems and machine controllers, components that are more commonly found in high end automated factory equipment.

''We’re really focused on having an accurate, robust machine that can do big parts really quickly and reliably, over and over again,'' said Clay Guillory, Titan founder and CEO, adding, ''Our customers want something they can trust… they can’t afford to waste two weeks of print time on a really large, mission critical part.''

(images, source: Titan Robotics)

Other demonstrations by Titan Robotics at this year’s show include the company’s collaboration with marketing agency Go West Creative, which has resulted in an impressive illuminated hexagonal stage display that is the backdrop for many of Rapid + TCT’s keynote speakers. Titan also teamed up with visual merchandising giant Fusion Specialties. The combination of pellet extrusion and conventional filament extrusion led to the creation of six distinctive hybrid mannequins, demonstrating the potential of 3D printing for fashion design. Sample parts demonstrating the expanded capabilities of Titan's Pellet Extrusion system on the Atlas will also be available to view. They will show the full range of compatible materials, including a 50% glass filled nylon and 50% carbon fiber filled PEI.

(source: youtube, Titan Robotics)




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