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In case you missed out any of the most recent 3D printing developments in what has been another busy week or so, here’s the latest roundup to get you back up to speed. Stories this time around include Robo 3D providing support for users of New Matter's MOD-t 3D printer, Aleph Objects demonstrating the latest LulzBot machine at the Rapid + TCT conference, and many more besides.


1. Robo 3D providing support for MOD-t users, launches Earth Day contest

3D printer manufacturer New Matter, the creator of the MOD-t desktop FDM 3D printer, recently went out of business. In response to this news, Robo 3D has announced that it will be taking over customer support for the MOD-t, helping users with any issues that they may be having. Providing specialized support was a key focus of New Matter’s business model, and Robo 3D is hoping to continue that legacy.

Many of New Matter’s former customer support employees are now part of Robo 3D’s expanding team, so that will make the transition even better and provide the best possible service for people who are still taking advantage of what the MOD-t has to offer. The MOD-t was designed to be the simplest 3D printer on the market. It’s compact and eco-friendly, with an intuitive interface. The 3D printer was primarily aimed at the education sector, for classrooms and other educational spaces to get involved with 3D printing. It is New Matter’s first and only 3D printer, launched after a successful campaign on Indiegogo four years ago.

Further demonstrating its commitment to education and making 3D printing more accessible, Robo 3D is launching a contest for Earth Day. Everyone with a 3D printer is invited to participate, hopefully coming up with a great idea for a 3D printing project that will help the planet in one way or another. The winner of the contest will receive a Robo C2 3D printer, and will collaborate with the Robo 3D team to bring their idea to life.


2. Aleph Objects showcases new LulzBot Mini 2 Desktop 3D printer

Popular 3D printer manufacturer Aleph Objects has announced the launch of a new 3D printer at this year’s Rapid + TCT conference in Texas. The compact and powerful LulzBot Mini 2 is the latest in the company’s LulzBot line, which is particularly popular amongst small businesses and educators. The new machine features numerous updates and upgrades, and is available to purchase from June.

Visitors to the Rapid + TCT show got to take a first look at the new LulzBot machine. New features include Einsy RAMBo electronics with Trinamic drivers, allowing for whisper-quiet operation. The new printer also has a build volume increase over the Mini of approximately 20 percent, with no corresponding increase in footprint. It also includes a next-generation Aerostruder Tool Head designed around the E3D Titan Aero hot end and extruder, the LulzBot modular bed system with reversible heated glass/PEI surface, and a Graphical LCD Controller for tetherless operation. These were optional add-ons for the previous generation, but are now included as standard.

Alongside the new printer, the latest version of the Cura LulzBot Edition software, Cura LulzBot Edition version 3.2, is now in public beta phase. It will feature faster load times, an updated interface, and a range of new slicing options.



3. 3YOURMIND partners with Identify3D for new industrial AM security solution

3YOURMIND has announced a partnership with Identify3D, which is aimed at developing a new security solution for the AM workflow. Identify3D has been working since 2014 on its technology, which should allow many major industrial AM machines to accept encrypted 3D printing parameters such as quantity, time-frame, material, production-run size, as well as limits in production to a single machine or location. Together with 3YOURMIND, the company will also be able to offer intellectual property security. The partnership will complement the encryption-in-transit security that is already part of all 3YOURMIND platforms with an encryption-at-rest solution for ensuring secure handling of the data during production.

Accoring to Stephan Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer, Identify3D, "We have been working closely with 3YOURMIND to develop data standards that maintain the maximum level of data and Intellectual Property Security for the platform users while keeping all the benefits of AM workflow digitization. The encryption protocols we have developed allow companies to work even more smoothly with both internal and external suppliers. The solutions we are developing together ensure that additive manufacturing is an option for any company, even those working in high-security environments."

 The two companies are also working together on the development of Smart Contracts, with the programming framework to dynamically create orders along with the accompanying legal agreements.


4. CollPlant opens new production facility

Israeli bio-technology expert CollPlant has announced the opening of a new production facility, which is located in Rehovot. The facility will be used for purification of the company’s rhCollagen (recombinant human collagen) products as well as formulation of end-products, including bio-inks for 3D bio-printing.

CollPlant’s proprietary plant-based genetic engineering technology is used to make rhCollagen. The flagship rhCollagen bio-ink line is one of the industry-leading products for bio-printing of various organic tissues. The company’s line of rhCollagen products also includes a soft tissue repair matrix which can be used for treating tendinopathy, and a wound repair matrix to promote a rapid optimal healing of acute and chronic wounds.

CollPlant, which was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Ness Ziona, Israel, is at the forefront of implementing 3D bio-printing in the field of regenerative medicine. Its new facility has an area of around 6,000 square feet, and includes clean rooms, logistic support areas, and dedicated production equipment to support the company’s production demand for the next few years.


5. Ultimaker announces partnerships with engineering materials companies

Leading global 3D printing company Ultimaker is hoping to expand its reach in the industry with some potentially fruitful new partnerships. It announced at this year’s Rapid + TCT conference that it is forming strategic alliances with materials companies. DSM, BASF, DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers, Owens Corning, Mitsubishi, Henkel, Kuraray, Solvay and Clariant will all be working closely with Ultimaker in the future. This new alliances program is intended to enable the use of high-level engineering plastics and composites on Ultimaker machines.

The collaborating companies will make use of Ultimaker’s software and material knowledge in order to generate and maintain material profiles. Customers will then be able to reliably use the materials on Ultimaker 3D printers, with settings automatically generated based on these profiles.

"High quality 3D prints are the result of an optimized alignment of hardware, software and materials. The strategic alliances formed with these global material companies opens up the use of the most sophisticated engineering plastics on Ultimaker printers, allowing the customers of the companies and Ultimaker to fully embed 3D printing in their existing workflows," said Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker.



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