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Major medical 3D printing company Arigin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has completed its series A investment round, securing tens of millions RMB in finance. This round of funding was led by Proxima Ventures, Dingxin Capital and Delta Capital. Zhiyuan Capital acted as the exclusive financing consultant for this round of investment and financing.

Shanghai-based Arigin Medical was established back in 2012, and it is focused on providing complete medical 3D printing solutions for the field of orthopedics. Since the company was first founded, it has obtained tens of millions of RMB in angel round financing, from Delta Capital. Arigin Medical currently offers an independently developed medical 3D printing software system, a medical 3D printer, and a personalized medical service solution based on 3D printing.

In the field of orthopedics, personalized 3D printing is useful for a range of different applications. One of the main uses is pre-operative planning. Medical professionals can use CT and MRI scans to obtain a structural model that is consistent with the human body, and then 3D print a model based on this, which helps with the planning of the operation in terms of where to make incisions. This facilitates preparation as well as communication between doctors and patients. 3D printing also enables the development of surgical guides, which help doctors quickly find the surgical location and more accurately complete complex procedures. The majority of Chinese medical 3D printing companies are currently focused on these two categories. Arigin Medical also provides personalized 3D printed orthopaedic implants, such as spinal cages. The company’s founder is predicting that this will be its biggest area of growth in the upcoming years, with medical 3D printing technology in the international orthopedic implant market potentially worth up to $40 billion.

While most Chinese medical 3D printing firms that provide implants use imported technology and tend to mass-produce standardized implants, Arigin Medical has developed its own independent system in order to provide tailor-made solutions. Making use of deep learning software, the company can obtain structural shapes that are completely consistent with bones, based on CT and MRI imaging data. Implants are then designed based on this data, combining mechanical, physiological, and pathological features and designs in a device that will meet the individual needs of a specific patient.

Currently, Arigin Medical has secured more than 90 intellectual property rights, including invention patent applications from China and the United States. The company's clients include the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center Co., Ltd., Aurora Group 3D Printing Division, and dozens of other domestic top-three hospitals.

(source: Arigin Medical)

After this round of financing, Arigin Medical will now focus on promoting the clinical application of its medical 3D printing technology, as well as improving its integration of artificial intelligence. The company will optimize the design and production of personalized implants, and make efforts to accelerate the clinical certification of three types of implants. In the future, Arigin Medical is also considering working with hospitals or local governments, to establish a 3D printing centre in hospitals as well as an urban medicine 3D printing centre.



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