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3Doodler, the pioneering brand behind one of the first and most successful lines of handheld 3D printing pens, has recently announced the launch of some new educational kits to help kids get interested in 3D design at a young age. 3Doodler first launched its 3D printing pen on Kickstarter back in 2013, and will now be releasing three separate kits that should help educators bring 3D design and technology into the classroom. There is a Start Learning Pack Kit for younger children, a Create + Learning Pack Kit for older kids, and a Teacher Experience kit for educators who want to try the kits before they buy.

3Doodler’s 3D printing pen lets users draw 3D shapes and structures in mid-air, offering a part of the 3D printing system without the complicated design workflow and long production times. It has captured the imaginations of many since its launch by toy company WobbleWorks, which was first founded in 2010 and developed the 3Doodler brand as a result of the pen’s success.

We’ve previously ranked the 3Doodler as the best of the 3D printing pens, beating competition from the Scribbler and LassoLabs’ Genesis, amongst others. The 3Doodler has gone through a number of different iterations since 2013, including a professional version of the 3D printing pen for designers. Kits for robotics, architecture, and other STEM subjects have also been released as a way to package the pioneering printing product.

The new 3Doodler Start Learning Pack Kit is for kids aged six through 13, and comes with 3Doodler Start Pens, which are the version of the handheld 3D printer aimed at a younger demographic. The kit also includes DoodlePads, DoodleBlocks, plastic strands and a whole host of different resources for teachers including lesson plans, activity guides and equipment manuals. 

The 3Doodler Create + Learning Pack Kit is aimed at children from 14 and up, and it features similar resources but with the more advanced Create + pens. Both kits come in two different sizes, one for a group of up to 12 children and one for a maximum of 24. They are available from 3Doodler’s EDU site, as well as Amazon and Best Buy. Prices will range from $349 to $1,199.

The Teacher Experience kit is designed for teachers who want a demonstration of the kits before they commit to a full purchase. It includes a pen, plastic strands, abbreviated lesson plans and classroom materials. These kits are available for $29 or $59, depending on the size.

"These products represent 3Doodler's continued commitment to inspire students pursuing STEM interests and passions," said Leah Wyman, 3Doodler's head of EDU, in a statement. "We pride ourselves on creating accessible 3D products and making it fun to learn in the classroom."

(source: 3Doodler)

3D printing education is a growing priority for many companies large and small across the industry. They are hoping to inspire a new generation of tech-savvy kids to develop technical and creative 3D skills at a young age, fuelling their imagination and ambition. This will contribute to the continued growth of the 3D printing world, and perhaps many of these youngsters will one day be employed in the industry themselves.



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