May 29, 2018 | By Thomas

Wipro3D, the additive manufacturing (AM) business unit of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, has signed an MoU with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay racing team to 3D print parts for Formula Student electric race car, the company announced on Monday.

The four-day Formula Students (FS) will be held at the Silverstone Circuit in Great Britain from July 11 to 15. It is one of Europe’s older educational motorsport competitions, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (ImechE) wherein teams from 110 European universities, 8,000 students and 2,000 professors from different universities come from across the globe.

The IIT-B Racing team is India’s Formula Student Electric team which aims to “revolutionize” electric mobility in India like that of Tesla in USA. The team unveiled its sixth-generation electric race car, called EvoX on May 26, 2018. The single seater electric race car is powered with a pair of 40KQ motors, featuring self-developed Battery Management System, Titanium Uprithts, Aerodynamic Wings and Powertrain. It is designed to run at 100 kmph in just 2.88 seconds.

According to MoU, Wipro 3D will contribute technical expertise on additive manufacturing for the electric race car, as well as the equipment and material for the fabrication of parts, while IIT Bombay Racing will provide the designs for the parts to be manufactured.

"The critical components of the racing car will be manufactured and printed on our 3D unit," Wipro 3D vice president Ajay Parikh said in the statement.

Conventional machining can only design a part in a particular shape, explained Kanishka Panda, Chief Mechanical Officer, IIT Bombay Racing. “With additive manufacturing and with the use of Titanium, 40 per cent weight reduction has been achieved in the component, in addition to improvement in the ergonomics of the part.”

The IIT Bombay Racing team has been winning the Formula Student Award by IMechE for being the best non-UK team for the last three years. It hopes to win this year’s event with help of using 3D printing technology.



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