Jun 27, 2018 | By Thomas

Professional 3D printer manufacturer INTAMSYS, headquartered in Shanghai, has announced a joint-research initiative to advance 3D printing applications in the field of orthopedic surgery with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Led by EDGE Labs, a research division within UCSF Department of Orthopedic Surgery, the team will use INTAMSYS’s Funmat HT 3D printer to explore PEEK for implant applications. EDGE Labs currently provides 3D printing services of "Precision Anatomic Models" for clinical decision making and surgical planning. The 3D printed orthopedics research initiative will be guided by musculoskeletal researchers Aenor Sawyer, MD, Alexis Dang, MD, and Alan Dang, MD.

From left to right: Dr. Aenor Sawyer, Dr. Alexis Dang, Dr. Alan Dang co-leads of the UCSF/INTAMSYS research initiative. Photos credit: University of California, San Francisco.

INTAMSYS is known for being one of the 3D printing world’s leading suppliers of PEEK materials and the technology required to effectively print with them. PEEK is a high-performance FDM filament that is often used for medical applications. It has high mechanical strength, toughness, flexibility, chemical and radiation resistance, as well as self-extinguishing properties. The lightweight PEEK 3D printing filament was a natural choice for the USCF team’s ongoing orthopedic research.

“This level of industrial grade printing has not been available at this price point,” said Alexis Dang, MD, orthopaedic surgeon. “We are interested in being able to prototype customized implants using high-temperature materials such as PEEK.”

Image of initial 3D printed PEEK model of Vertebral interbody spacer.



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