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AREVO announced last week the launch of its eBike, a battery-assisted bike using a 3D printed carbon fiber frame. The announcement comes on the heels of launching its first 3D printed all terrain city bike in May.

Arevo's technology combines 3D printing with web-based software, robotics, machine learning and thermoplastic materials. It uses a "deposition head" mounted on a robotic arm to print parts in all dimensions. It uses a "deposition head" mounted on a robotic arm to print out the three-dimensional shape of the bicycle frame. The process allows material to be layered in any direction to create parts of almost unlimited size. It allows AREVO’s eBike to be customized for individual riders, printed as and when needed at scale. In addition, Arevo's new bikes are made from a thermoplastic embedded with carbon fiber, which is five times stronger than titanium at approximately one third of the weight, according to the company.

“We have created a new paradigm for manufacturing that empowers businesses to create and source products locally by leveraging advancements in dynamic software and automation,” says Jim Miller, CEO of AREVO. “The development of the eBike has proven that we can 3D print a new product when needed, at a low cost and localize the manufacturing process, significantly cutting down on the process and time it has taken historically to create bike frames.”

AREVO partnered with Oechsler (Ansbach, Germany), a manufacturer of automotive and medical parts, to leverage their Drivematic three-speed automatic gearbox with AREVO’s 3D printed carbon fiber frame for the electric 3D printed bike. The bike has a unique feature set ideal for the modern bike commuter including Bluetooth capability and smartphone connectivity to easily track bike data like battery life, current speed and distance.

“We’re committed to being at the forefront of manufacturing innovation, and partnering with AREVO allowed us to explore a unique use case for our integrated drive system,” said Michael Oppermann, Director Business Development, from OECHSLER. “With AREVO’S ability to quickly produce custom bike frames, we’ll be able to meet the increasing demand for eBikes at a fraction of the time, cost and environmental impact of the standard bike production process.”

Arevo's battery-assisted, 3D printed carbon-fiber frame ebike will be in mass production next year.



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