Aug 21, 2018 | By Kevin D

Hong Kong-based company SparkMaker has today launched a Kickstarter campaign for the SparkMaker FHD, the 2nd Generation of its SparkMaker SLA 3D Printer. With a $199 starting price on the Kickstarter run, the company aims to bring the quality of SLA printing to the masses. The SparkMaker FHD 3D printer reached its funding target on Kickstarter just 30 minutes after launching. As of writing, the campaign has gone on to raise over $118,000, double the original campaign goal.

SparkMaker FHD features 1080p resolution LCD screen, wireless 3D printing with bluetooth, free slicer software and 4 new types of resins based on the feedback from backers and customers for their 1st product.

An SLA (or StereoLithography Apparatus) printer works by focusing an ultraviolet (UV) laser on to a vat of photopolymer resin. Photopolymers are sensitive to ultraviolet light, so the resin is photochemically solidified and forms a single layer of the desired 3D object. Then, the build platform lowers one layer and a blade recoats the top of the tank with resin. This process is repeated until the 3D object is complete.

The reason why SLA printing is so exciting is that the quality can be so much higher. According to the company, with the full high definition LCD screen, SparkMaker FHD allows you to print larger size (up to 61.8 x 110 x 125 mm), higher quality (57 μm XY axis resolution), in a faster speed (up to 25 mm/hr).

The company has sold more than 5000 pcs of SparkMakers since July last year. For owners of 1st generation of SparkMaker, the company offers an upgrade kit, which includes 1 x Metal Tank, 1 x Metal Panel, 1 x 1080p LCD Screen, 1 x Mainboard, and 1 x UV Backlight.

The SparkMaker FHD SLA 3D printer comes with four resin types:

  • Resin LCD-Q: The resin offers colorful printing options. It works well with the macaron color palette. 
  • Resin LCD-G: An ultra-clear resin for making 3D engraving prints to show delicate internal details. 
  • Resin LCD-H: This resin can stand for a temperature as high as 320 C. It is a perfect material for making injection molds in small batch production.
  • Resin LCD-MG: The resin turns hard and tough after printing. 

What makes this printer different from the competition is partially the very accessible price. This printer had a $199 price point when it began running on Kickstarter. Printers at that price point are no longer available, but pledges of $249 and up are currently not sold out. The SparkMaker FHD SLA 3D printer will be shipped in November 2018.



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Jade wrote at 8/22/2018 5:28:32 PM:

It's an LCD printer. DLP would be projector

Alan wrote at 8/22/2018 4:51:58 PM:

I've got 2 of the original SparkMakers and I love them. I really appreciate that you can change the LCD screen because I've gotten resin on it a few times.

Zee wrote at 8/22/2018 2:18:26 PM:

It should be noted the comments on their previous Kickstarter are full of complaints from users who received faulty printers, or no printers at all.

Tyler Tolley wrote at 8/22/2018 3:42:02 AM:

Important to note is that this printer does not use laser based SLA. Instead it uses UV LEDs behind an LCD screen to control exposure.

Kevin wrote at 8/22/2018 3:11:25 AM:

Umm this is technically a DLP printer if it's using LCD projection. There is no laser involved.

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