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Shining 3D, a leading provider of 3D digitizing and 3D printing technology in China, has teamed up with EXO-L, a Dutch manufacturer of ankle support products, to deliver customized ankle protection braces worldwide.

Foot and ankle injuries are extremely common among athletes and other physically active individuals. Reports estimate that 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day. EXO-L, a spin-off company from Erasmus MC and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands, is using 3D scanning, modeling, and printing to produce what they call an “external ankle ligament,” a custom-made brace that fits on the outside of a modified shoe and functions like an external ligament to help prevent ankle strains.

SHINING 3D and EXO-L are working together to explore new solutions to reduce ankle injuries worldwide by integrating advanced 3D scanning technology. Shining 3D will offer a 3D scanning service for EXO-L’s customers. The process starts with a 3D-scan of your ankle. EXO-L will utilize Shining 3D’s worldwide network and let users take a scan of their ankle and submit the scans directly to the company's database. After an initial check is carried out to verify the data, the scans are converted to 3D models, from which personalized ankle brace are then 3D printed and shipped to customers.

EXO-L’s 3D printed ankle brace products are suitable for sports, work and general daily activities. "The EXO-L Ankle Brace works like a safety belt that protects you at the moment you are about to sprain your ankle," writes the company. Its give the user "ultimate protection" against ankle sprains while maintaining maximum freedom of movement. "It does not affect your freedom of movement, thereby allowing you to exercise longer and reach your highest potential."

SHINING 3D EinScan-Pro & Pro+ multi-functional handheld 3D scanners offer high-quality 3D scanning and can seamlessly connect to 3D printing systems. The collaboration will enhance EXO-L's service capacity worldwide. As part of the partnership, Shining 3D launched 'paid-per-scan' 3D scanning  service for users of its 3D scanning systems throughout the world. It is calling for those users to contact either of the partners to offer up their scanning capabilities.

Interested parties please contact:

EXO-L via or +31 15 744 0155
SHINING 3D via or +86 571 82999050



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