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There are around two billion gamers around the world, however this group has been overlooked in terms of design, customization and accessibility. Swedish furniture chain IKEA recently announced that it is partnering with e-sports group Area Academy and US 3D printed prosthetics startup UNYQ to bring customizable chairs to gamers. They are using advanced body-scanning technology made for medical wearables and 3D printing technology to make customized 3D ergonomic and adjustable seats. The prototype has taken only nine weeks to design and execute.

Gamers and extreme sitters spend many hours in front of a computer so the ergonomics and mobility of the chairs determine how comfortable their sitting experience will be. The 3D printed chair, Ubik,  will be made entirely based on your body scan and biometric data. Marcus Engman, IKEA’s Design leader, showed off a prototype that promises to relieve back aches and cramps for gamers at its annual IKEA Democratic Days press event. The company confirmed that the chair will be customized based on the unique biometric data obtained after thorough body scans when customers purchase the Ubik at IKEA stores.

The design of the chair resembles the average stool, but on top sits a two-panel mesh platform that has been 3D-printed to conform perfectly to the contours of one person’s bottom. In about two weeks, 3D printed inserts based on the customer’s biometric data will be designed, produced and delivered to you. These lattice inserts slide into the seat and prop sitters up in the ideal posture.

“Gamers are an extreme use case," said Engman. "They’re athletes, they’re competing with their minds and their bodies. I think bringing this type of personalisation to fit unique ergonomic needs, body types, and modes of play will give somebody a healthier life and a better competitive advantage.”

By teaming up with UNYQ, IKEA wishes to learn how you could utilise photometric and 3D scanning in combination with 3D printing to make it possible to personalise products for better ergonomics and a more individualised appearance. Area Academy is working with educational structures in e-sport and has the expert knowledge in what it takes in terms of equipment and will make sure they meet the desired mobility and ergonomic standards for gamers.

Images: IKEA

Another aspect that will be explored is how to make the gaming setup work throughout the home and make your total home better prepared for gaming occasions. There is also many gamers that play in multiple locations, people go to big events and then there are LAN and other occasions when you get together with friends to have fun. The collaboration of the three industry specialists will explore all these aspects.

The 3D printed “Ubik” gaming chair will be available for a limited time starting in 2020.



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Jin wrote at 9/14/2018 4:12:06 PM:

This looks absolutely horrible. I don't believe anyone in their right mind would even bother to think of buying one of these over a basic dx racer chair

aa wrote at 9/11/2018 11:55:37 PM:

for gamers with no balls

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