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Media artist and robotic engineer, Moritz Simon Geist, will soon release the world’s first techno album played entirely by self-made robots. The album is produced by Mouse On Mars' Andi Thoma and scheduled for release next month.

Robotic electronic music is a burgeoning genre of electro jams that relies on mechanical and physical sound devices to engineer electronic sounds and beats. Each of Geist's "instruments" is custom-made in his workshop in Dresden, Germany, according to Wired. Some are engineered to produce a specific sound, like his take on a kalimba, made from metal pieces and 3D printed parts, while others are made from everyday tools like screwdrivers.

Geist is about to release his debut EP, The Material Turn, in October followed by his full-length album via Kompakt in November on vinyl, CD, and digital. All four tracks of his forthcoming EP are made entirely from homemade instruments: futuristic 3D printed robo-kalimbas, drone guitar, small motors that beat on metal, salvaged parts from old hard drives and “crazy psychedelic glasses.”

Geist started making electronic music in the 1990s. In 2012, he built his well-known oversized 808 robot, an iconic drum robot installation, 4 by 2 meter, which programmed live by spectators. It got an upgrade with the interactive part in 2015 / 2016.

“Since then my whole life is dedicated to experimenting, building, and playing shows with music robots,” he wrote in a blog post.

“I wake up with them in the morning and think about music robots at night. Why? Because I think that electronic music has evolved and I am very bored with music synthesizers, modular synthesizers, samplers, and computers,” Geist continued. “I want future! Robots! And techno!”

Now, Geist teamed up with the Berliner sound wizards from Mouse On Mars to experiment further with the electronic music. For Geist, it's a way to push the frontiers of electronic musicmaking.

The Material Turn EP is available here. Watch Geist playing with Music Robots below.

Currently Geist also teaches on the progression of technology and society at the NYU Berlin. Watch his behind the scenes video below showing off all of his wonderful robotic creations:



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