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A 3D printing shop in Kuwait has reportedly been shut down by authorities this week after being accused of selling “cult idols.”

According to Kuwait’s Al-Qabas newspaper, the shops closure on September 16 came after a hardline cleric demanded authorities take action against it.

"After a fierce campaign against so-called idols in Kuwait, a figurine shop has been strangely closed and all its models have disappeared," the report said. However, the newspaper did not indicate which authority approved the closure of the shop. No official comment on the case has been made by Kuwaiti authorities.

The printing store, reportedly a branch of technology company DOOB 3D, specialized in life-like 3D printed figurines.

"I never expected that we could open a shop in the year 2018 and then have someone accuse the company of selling idols,” the shop’s manager is quoted as saying.

The move comes after popular cleric Sheikh Othman al-Khamis called for the immediate closure of the store.

“What this shop does is an abomination and more dangerous than selling alcohol because it could lead to some people making idols of their children,” Sheikh Othman said during a recent sermon.

Islamic law prohibits the worship of statues and idols.

After the store’s closure on September 16, the Arabic-language hashtag “idols in Kuwait” has been used more than 21,000 times on Twitter to discuss the issue, the BBC reports.

One Twitter user, Abdulrahman al-Nassar, wrote that “the dangers posed by these idols is great”, while another user said that the figurines “are a means of leading people to polytheism.”

Many twitter users, however, jokingly posted pictures of their own collection of figurines.

Twitter user @Sayed_Esma3eel posted a picture of four toy animals – a gazelle, a whale, an oranguntan and an elephant – along with the caption “new animal cult.”

“Nothing like a bit of coffee with my idols,” wrote Kuwaiti journalist Bashar Jassim Al-Kandari who shared a video with his 27,000 followers of his many figurines including Scarface, Chucky, Elmo and Gollum, from the Lord of the Rings franchise.



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