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As part of Digital Design Weekend 2018, Ai Build, a London based company developing Artificial Intelligence and Robotic technologies for large scale additive manufacturing, showcased new technology to bring 3D printing and artificial intelligence algorithms to the factory floor in a bid to change the way we'll build the future.

The London-based startup has been working hard to develop a custom and efficient large scale 3D printing platform using industrial robots and machine learning software. Ai Build's aim is to work with innovative businesses and give them access to the advanced 3D printing technology by providing them the factory of the future as a service. With a monthly or annual subscription, clients can get unlimited access to use Ai Build's autonomous large scale 3D printing technology to manufacture their products at their own facilities.

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic technologies should enable them to overcome today’s biggest 3D printing limitation: production times. “It is very expensive or nearly impossible to 3D print large structures with today’s technology due to the small size and slow speed of 3D printers that are available on the market,” they say.

Displayed in the Sculpture gallery of the Victoria and Albert Museum, visitors had the opportunity to experience a complete bundle of software, hardware and infrastructure that enables factories to 3D print large scale products autonomously.

Ai Build's technology consists of three components: AiSync, AiMaker and AiCell. AiSync is a cloud-based web application that allows the users to simulate, control and monitor their fleet of 3D printers from anywhere.

AiMaker is a smart thermoplastic extruder that is designed to be attached on industrial robotic arms to ensure the best manufacturing quality and speed.

AiCell is a lightweight, modular enclosure that houses the industrial robotic 3D printers in a highly-controlled environment for maximum precision and repeatability.

"Eventually the long-term vision of the company would be to change the construction industry by bringing artificial intelligence to the built environment," says the company.

Images credit: Ai Build

Two years ago, Ai Build teamed up with renowned developers Arup Engineers – known for the development of the Sydney Opera House and the Centre Pompidou to create the 3D printed Daedalus Pavilion, which showcases the viability of their custom large scale 3D printing robot and learning algorithms. Consisting of 48 separate pieces, it was 3D printed in just three weeks using a custom KUKA industrial robot 3D printing setup.

The London-based Ai Build is dreaming about next-gen construction, in which AI and robotics become indispensable. Earlier this month Ai Build announced their partnership with Kuka Robotics, one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial robots. The company expects their technology could be used in a wide range of industries such as Furniture, Construction, Automotive and Aerospace.



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