Nov 27, 2018 | By Cameron

Many records have been broken with 3D printed parts, from cycling to rocket thrust, and even a music record was 3D printed. Now, Lenco has designed a 3D printed record player to match. Lenco is a Dutch AV company famous for its turntables made with Swiss precision. They wanted to breathe some modern technology into their classic music player, inviting new generations to the turntable, so they connected with RepRapUniverse and The Qeske Community to create the Lenco-MD.

The Lenco-MD will be launched on Kickstarter November 27th as the first 3D printed record player sold to the public, but it may also be the first modular record player. Each MD comes with two empty module slots and backers will be able to add modules that upgrade their turntables with solar power, bluetooth wireless streaming, speakers, and more that are currently in development. Makers can also design their own modules and share them with an online platform that will be launched after the campaign.

The decision makers at Lenco understand that some music lovers will want an MD but not have a 3D printer large enough to print one, so backers of the campaign will have the option of receiving a fully 3D printed kit, a kit that can be printed on a standard 3D printer (minimum build volume of 200x200x100mm) as it comes with the large pre-printed platter and tonearm, and a kit that requires all parts be 3D printed (minimum build volume of 330x330x100mm). Every MD kit includes high-quality Lenco electronics and mechanical parts as well as an Audio Technica AT3600 cartridge, with the option to upgrade to an AT95E. Backers also have the choice of seven colors: white, apple green, sky blue, orange, yellow, red, and pink. The perfectly balanced tonearm will look fantastic no matter the color chosen.

In addition to sharing custom modules, the online platform will list locations worldwide where a Lenco-MD can be purchased off the shelf. They’ll do this by inviting makers and record shop owners to produce the MD in house from custom orders. The color range would open up dramatically as makers could offer translucent, metallic, and glow-in-the-dark options. One of the Kickstarter rewards will include a new 3D printer specifically designed by RepRapUniverse to produce Lenco-MDs.

RepRapUniverse has already run a successful Kickstarter campaign for their 1730 hotend, and the Qeske Community is a an innovation and invention center, so this is a collaboration destined for success. The hardcore DIYers and makers will surely come up with some amazing and outlandish modules, like an audio visualizer that projects mesmerizing, audio-driven waves and patterns onto a wall or ceiling. Or perhaps one that takes pictures when it detects the rhythmic vibrations of nearby dancing. Keep an ear to the floor as we’ll likely be back to deliver updates on this one.



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