Dec 20, 2018 | By Thomas

Microsoft’s 343 Industries and bionics non-profit Limbitless Solutions have announced a collaboration to provide Halo-themed, 3D printed prosthetic arm for "young heroes who – like the Master Chief himself – also routinely and triumphantly beat the odds." The Limbitless “Bionic Arm” prosthetics are functional, best of all, Limbitless donates their innovative prosthetic arms free of charge to recipients and their families.

Future recipients of Limbitless 3D-printed prosthetic arms will have new designs to choose from beginning in 2019. According to 343, Limbitless will add two special Halo-themed options its design lineup, which already includes a pretty sweet Iron Man arm. First up is a recreation of the Master Chief’s own legendary Mk. VI armor, designed to help turn any eager recipient into an awesomely augmented, galaxy-saving superhero.

In addition, Limbitless will also offer a “multiplayer” variant of the Mjolnir-inspired and personalized prosthetic that  that kids can customize with their favorite color and  "to create a Spartan style as unique and heroic as the recipients themselves".

Limbitless Solutions is University of Central Florida-based nonprofit company that makes 3D-printed bionic arms for children. Their 3D printed prosthetic arms are capable of gripping objects and performing various gestures, and are created at a fraction of the cost compared to others on the market. The Limbitless team began work in 2014 as a group of University of Central Florida students who wanted to help a family whose son was born without most of his right arm, and since Limbitless has grown to a full-time operation based at UCF in Orlando, Fla.

The Limbitless team believes that gaming could train kids adapt to their 3D printed arms more efficiently. They have been working to creat fun and immersive games tailored to train these bionic kids and adapted their game controllers to use the same EMG input that powers the functioning of prosthetic arms. EMG sensors pick up when the user flexes, and depending on various flex patterns, this allows the user to perform various controls. "Inclusive gaming not only trains our Bionic Kids, but empowers through creativity," said the Limbitless team.



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