Jan 9, 2019 | By Thomas

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the top-ranked orthopedic hospital in the U.S. and Italy-based medical device manufacturer LimaCorporate (Lima) announced the formation of the first provider-based additive manufacturing facility for custom complex implants.

“Trabecular Titanium” is a biomaterial “characterized by a regular, three-dimensional, hexagonal cell structure that imitates trabecular bone morphology,” according to LimaCorporate. Images credit: LimaCorporate.

HSS has sourced patient-specific custom implants from Lima's headquarters in Italy since 2016. These devices are intended for treatment of highly complex cases. The new facility, to be operated by Lima on the HSS main campus on New York's Upper East Side, will leverage the combination of Lima's proprietary Trabecular Titanium material and 3D printing technology, and HSS' expertise in clinical care and bio-mechanical engineering. The collaboration will foster and accelerate innovation in complex orthopedic joint care resulting in new products and solutions for patients across the U.S.

"The close integration between surgeons and engineers is invaluable for designing and refining joint replacements and identifying new solutions for the most complex patient cases," said Leonard Achan, RN, MA, ANP, Chief Innovation Officer at HSS.

"The majority of our patients, and joint replacement patients everywhere, have a similar treatment pattern.  However the complex patients, the patients who have been living with joint problems for decades who have not found relief elsewhere - now we can offer new options," said Achan.

Patients will be able to get 3D scanned on-site so their custom implant will be 3D printed just for them in the lab. This facility will be accessible to those who need complex implants, not only HSS patients.

"We are proud to be the first company to bring 3D printing of implants directly to a hospital organization, where the collaboration between top ranked surgeons and engineers can drive innovation and easier access to patients in the US," said Luigi Ferrari, CEO of LimaCorporate.

Lima will be the registered manufacturer for all devices designed and produced at this new, state-of-the-art facility, located at HSS. The facility is expected to be operational by early 2020 and will initially serve hospitals in the region before making the devices available to all providers in the U.S.



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