Jan 15, 2019 | By Thomas

Fortify, a Boston-based additive manufacturing company specialized in composite material systems, has announced today a seed round of $2.5M with strategic funding from Neotribe Ventures, Prelude Ventures, MainspringCapital, Ocean Azul Partners, and McCune Capital.

Fortify was founded in 2016 on research on composite 3D printing by Randall Erb and Joshua Martin at Northeastern University. Their goal was to enable quick and seamless fabrication of composites with optimized microstructures. Fortify’s patented Fluxprint magnetic 3D printing technology combines magnetics and digitallight processing (DLP) 3D printing to produce composite parts with ideal mechanical properties. As a part is additively manufactured, fibers are magnetically aligned voxel by voxel to optimize the microstructure. High-performance components are created significantly faster and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional manufacturing.

Fortify has recently developed its first high-resolution, fiber-reinforced DLP additive manufacturing platform, which includes the patented Fluxprint hardware, innovativematerials and INFORM generative design software. With this latestfunding round, the team has also more than doubled in size.

“We’re thrilled to count Fortify amongst our partners,” said KittuKolluri of Neotribe Ventures. “At Neotribe we place a high value ontransformative technology, and Fortify continues to prove themselves asa pioneer in manufacturing for the digital age by democratizing theperformance of advanced composites through additive manufacturing.”

In addition Fortify’s team has launched two resins, filed IP and introduce the Fortify Fiber Platform. The platform invites materials companies and resin suppliers to develop high-performance resins with Fortify material scientists and engineers. DSM has become one of the first Fortify Fiver Platform partners.

Looking to 2019, Fortify is seeking an additional round of $8M in Series A funding while moving into the beta launch of their system. Beginning this upcoming winter, the beta program will focus on delivering the digital composite platform to 10 select partners.

All images credit: Fortify

“The support from our investors and partners is affirmation that thetechnology we’re developing is meeting significant needs in themanufacturing industry,” said Josh Martin, CEO of Fortify. “We arelooking forward to continue to be an innovation leader in the space andgrow our DCM capabilities and products.”



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