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Brooklyn-based 3D printer company gCreate announced that they have launched their much anticipated gMax 2 3D Printer on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019. The redesigned 3D printer boasts increased 18 x 18 x 24 inch (7,776 cubic inches) build volume, a precision linear motion system, self-leveling bed, 5-inch full color, and Mosaic Manufacturing Palette 2 compatibility for multi-color and multi-material printing.

The gMax 2 uses all-metal E3D V6 hotends which can print up to 300°C and allows for easily swappable nozzle tips that range from 0.25mm to 1.2mm. Combined with the 18 x 18 inch heated bed add-on, gMax 2 users are able to 3D print engineering grade materials such as Carbon Fiber-reinforced Nylon, PETG, ASA, TPU, etc.

The redesigned heated build plate set continues to use USA-made 4mm borosilicate glass and custom gridded BuildTak sheets like before, but it now also includes a heated mat with an external relay and can be controlled directly from the printer.

The 5-inch full color gTouch print management system is powered by Astroprint and allows for cloud capability, print queuing, remote printer control from your phone or desktop, and video monitoring. The gTouch print management system is optimized for gMax 3D Printers but is fully compatible with other FDM 3D printers and can be hooked up to more than 10 3D printers at the same time.

“The gMax 2 3D printer is the result of 2 years of testing and improvements. It is a completely redesigned workhorse machine using industry leading components that improve your printing experience at a very competitive price point,“ says gCreate co-founder Gordon LaPlante.

All gMax 2 3D printers will be shipped fully assembled, calibrated, and pre-tested. With the new design, the large format gMax 2 3D printer can be folded down which will protect the machine while in transit and dramatically reduce shipping costs.

The gMax 2 is priced at $3,995. Shipping of the gMax 2 is slated for Q1 2019 and orders placed during the pre-sale period will receive a free gTouch Controller upgrade.

All images credit: gCreate

“To be able to release a machine with so many authentic, high quality components that further increase the incredible performance of this printer while keeping it at such a low cost per cubic inch is something we are very excited to offer to our customers,” says Anna Lee, co-founder of gCreate.



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