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Hong Kong-based Peopoly has introduced its new laser SLA 3D printer, the Moai 200. The company launched its original Moai, a flexible and dependable resin 3D printer in July 2017. The new Moai 200 is an upgrade of Moai, but offers a 300% larger print volume with the same high resolution as the original Moai.

The build volume of the Moai 200 is 20 x 20 x 25cm, which is 2.7 times greater than the Formlabs Form 2. "Moai 200 compete with both SLA and FDM printers in the $3000-10000 category," Peopoly explains. "At 20x20x25cm, it has bigger printer volume and is less expensive than both Form2 and Ultimaker 3. The 200 is much bigger than Form2 with the same high-resolution laser printing and lower hardware and material cost.  It also boosts much higher resolution than Ultimaker and many FDM printers in this range with similar build volume and faster print speed. We believe laser SLA and resin 3D printing, in general, will capture a much bigger share of the desktop 3D printing market due to unmatched resolution and lower price point."

The key features of the new Moai 200 SLA 3D printer include:

  • Film based vat system for consistent results, durability, and low replacement cost
  • Newly designed built plate to improve adhesion and lower peel force
  • Industrial grade dual linear rails system to ensure stability
  • Professional grade UV laser with a 70 microns spot size running at 405 nm (microns) wavelength and a maximum power of 150 mW
  • Full access to laser setting,  including power level, exposure time and galvo (mirror galvanometer) travel speed
  • Fully assembled from the factory
  • Easy and low cost to maintain. Parts are modulable and easy to troubleshoot and swap
  • Excellent resin compatibility due to full laser control. The user can use almost any UV resin designed for 405 nm wavelength
  • Full feature printing software Asura is included

"Printing large has always been the holy grail for 3D printing," writes Peopoly. "Able to make a big object in one process without cutting model opens up new possibilities in design, saves time on post-processing and makes the print stronger. But until recent years, printing big means owning expensive printers. Then it comes Ultimaker, Raise3D, and other brands that made larger FDM printers more affordable. But larger SLA printer remained expensive with many printers well over 10K mark and locked into costly consumables. This is what led us to develop Moai 200, an affordable midsize laser SLA printer.

We took many ideas that work well for the original Moai and integrated them into Moai 200. The use of FEP film based vat meant that Moai and the 200 can have durable yet low-cost vat system that professional users can rely upon."

Technical specs of Moai 200 SLA 3D printer:

  • Technology: Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Laser type: Solid state laser (405nm)
  • Vat system: FEP film
  • Build volume: 20 x 20 x 25cm
  • Layer height: 10-200um
  • Laser wattage: max. 150 mW
  • Laser spot size: 70um
  • Preparation software: Asura

The Moai 200 SLA 3D printer is priced from $2799.



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