Jan 31, 2019 | By Thomas

Google Arts and Culture and Stratasys are re-imagining some of the world’s most cherished artifacts and historical monuments through additive manufacturing.

A 3D printed model of Ayutthaya temple in Thailand, produced using the Stratasys J750

Through a partnership between Google and Stratasys, historians can now re-create these items digitally and physically, raising both awareness and accessibility of ancient history.

Under Google Arts and Culture's Open Heritage Project, historical pieces can be recreated leveraging the Stratasys J750 multi-material 3D Printer. With 3D printing, these remains can be more effectively preserved and shared– with files available for download around the world.

Google Arts and Culture has restored rare plaster casts initially discovered by A.P. Maudslay during the late 1800s in Guatemala. For more than 100 years, these relics were housed across storage facilities in the British Museum. By using 3D laser scanners to virtually re-assemble each, designers successfully reconstructed these items in physical form with Stratasys 3D printers.

“The project was to explore physically making these artifacts in an effort to get people hooked and excited about seeing pieces in a museum or research context. That’s when we turned to 3D Printing,” said Bryan Allen, Design Technologist at Google.

“With the new wave of 3D Printed materials now available, we’re able to deliver better colours, higher finish, and more robust mechanical properties – getting much closer to realistic prototypes and final products right off the machines.”

Key pieces of the Google Arts and Culture Open Heritage Project are available online here.

“When we talk to arts and culture preservationists, historians, and museum curators – they’re all absolutely amazed by the ability to fabricate these things with such high fidelity via 3D printing technology,” concluded Allen.



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